Flow of Broccoli through the Food Service Establishment

Flowof Broccoli through the Food Service Establishment

Flowof Broccoli through the Food Service Establishment

Afood service establishment is a commercial establishment where foodis prepared and is intended for individual consumption. Properhandling of food at every step in the food establishment helps inprotecting food and thus avoiding contamination (MDA, n.d). The flowof broccoli through the food establishment will take the followingcritical steps namely purchasing, receiving, storage, preparation,cooking, holding, cooling, reheating, and serving.

Duringpurchasing, always ensure that you obtain fresh and crisp broccolifrom the right supplier or grocery store. Quality is one of the areasthat should be considered. It is not advisable to use Broccoli thathas opened up or with a yellow color.

Inthe receiving stage, the critical area to look at is contamination.Contamination should be avoided at all costs. This can happen whenthe handlers do not have the right personal protective equipment(PPEs).

Storageis another sensitive step. It is the most important stage which needsclose attention otherwise, the food can spoil. One of the mostcritical areas is contamination. The storage place should be cleanand hygienic for food storage. The other area is temperatures. Hightemperatures can spoil broccoli the recommended temperatures is 40 oF (Harris, 2014). The storage period is another critical area.Broccoli should be stored for only 3 days. Precautions must be takento avoid storing broccoli in a plastic bag or sealed container(Harris, 2014).

Duringpreparation step, one of the critical areas is cross contamination.Care should be taken when handling food stuffs to avoid risk ofcontamination (CDC, nd).

Inthe cooking stage, cooking temperatures is one of the critical areas.Low temperatures means that the food maybe undercooked and hightemperatures will overcook it (Dimbleby, 2014). It is thereforecrucial to use the right temperatures and cooking time.

Duringthe holding stage, cross contamination is likely to occur if notproperly handled. Pathogens are and other hazards may contaminate thefood. It is advisable to keep broccoli in a refrigerator. Therefrigerator temperature becomes one of the critical areas toobserve. A temperature of 4oCis recommended (Harris, 2014).

Beforeserving, reheating of broccoli is important. At this stage, thecritical area is the reheating temperature. Since broccoli is alreadycooked, a medium temperature is recommended for warming it beforeserving.

Atthe serving stage, the most critical area to be observed iscontamination. Food contamination can occur during serving. It isimportant for the servers to use the right PPEs and clean utensilsand tools for serving.


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