Final Capstone Questions

FinalCapstone Questions

FinalCapstone Questions

  1. Rationale for the Dissemination Plan

Healthcare quality depends on effective dissemination of the recentresearch results or evidence. High-quality cancer care for example,is achieved through the adoption of the findings and recommendationsof the latest evidence-based practices (Grand Canyon University,2011). Adoption of Health Information Technology (HIT) is recentresearch evidence that improves the quality of cancer care byenhancing information exchange that improves decision making amongcancer experts. The dissemination plan is, therefore, important forcommunicating research evidence to key research stakeholders forinstance, health staff, patients, and health institutionsadministrators. The dissemination plan improves the adoption of theresearch results and recommendations by describing the benefits ofthe research evidence. The research stakeholders will implementresearch evidence that is clearly communicated and shows effectivemethods of enhancing health care quality. Administrators of healthinstitutions will invest a lot of resources in HIT if the researchevidence shows positive health care outcomes.

  1. Importance of the Research Knowledge

Researchknowledge is important in the nursing practice. The healthprofessionals use the research knowledge to generate effectiveevidence that enhances the quality of health care. Suitable researchresults are adopted by health stakeholders to increase health careoutcomes for example, high levels of motivation of the health staff,and positive patient experience. Research knowledge ensures optimumresource usage during nursing practice (Melnyk &ampFineout-Overholt, 2004). This is because health professionalsunderstand how to use available resources effectively andefficiently. The health workers allocate sufficient financialresources to health activities that are critical or high priority.Information collected through the research process assist healthstaff to identify high priority health areas that require budgetaryallocations. Cancer care is a high priority health issue that shouldget sufficient budgetary allocations. Health institutions shouldallocate sufficient resources to implement cancer care strategiesfor instance, implementing HIT to improve communication betweencancer patients and cancer experts.


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