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FilmAnalysis of “The Matrix” and “Se7en”

Thisessay entails a comparison of two movies The Matrix and Se7en. Thetwo films have many varying aspects ranging from the theme,cinematography, plot, and many other aspects. The first area ofcomparison is the genres of the films which are slightly distinct(Nelson,2015).The Matrix is a science fiction and thrilling action movie. Thisaspect is evident in the introduction and the first scenes of themovie where it begins with the FBI trying to trace a phone numbersupposedly of a hacker, who uses an advanced technology (Nelson,2015).This exhibition adds mystery and intriguing factors to the film. Onlytwo people talk in the background during this initial part. Thissetting makes it apparently, a science fiction genre.

Theintroductory part of Se7en is somewhat different in that the film isa crime thriller and it has a slower pace (Nelson,2015).The film commences with the lieutenant preparing to report for duty.Though there are no conversations at the beginning of the movie, itis evident that the character lives in a neighborhood with high ratesof criminal activities due to the sirens and the shootings going onoutside the premise. The gentle introduction imposes a larger impacton the audience to the following scenes of murder and crime. Thepresentation of the film involves a psychological twist from a calmintroduction to a rough setting (Nelson,2015).

Thereis a contrast between the two main characters in the Se7en movie. Thedifference is evident in the introductory part where the lieutenantseems to be a clean and organized person in his house, but thedetective appears to be messy and disorganized (Nelson,2015).It is an indication that the two detectives would not get along inthe film, which is consistent with the genre of the movie ofconflicts and violence (Nelson,2015).The main characters of Matrix are not different in nature as theyseem to be organized, and have their levels of expertise with thecomputers.

Bothfilms have one general theme which is the struggle to make the worlda better place (Nelson,2015).The Matrix involves the war between the human beings and the machineswhere only a small section of individuals realize that they live in avirtual world controlled by a program that is run by a select groupof persons. The characters are divided by the criteria of those whowant to maintain the current system and the others who want to imposechanges to the current regime (Nelson,2015).The pro-change group recruits the main character, and they fightagainst the anti-change camp. In the film Se7en, the world has acrisis where many criminal activities are going on, and the twocharacters have the responsibility of apprehending the notoriouscriminals such as the serial killer (Nelson,2015).

Bothfilms apply suspense in the unveiling of the plots. The thrill of thedifferent scenes gives the viewer an urge to anticipate more actionand better scenes in the next chapters (Nelson,2015).This aspect keeps the audience watching and assists to capture theattention of the viewers. However, the setting of the films isdifferent in that the Matrix is based on a virtual world, while theSe7en is based on real life settings and events. All the films have acommon theme of combat between the opposing groups which involve afierce fire exchange, and often the character gets wounded, and thatis when they unleash their full potential (Nelson,2015).While the film Matrix seems more like a future fiction movie, Se7enappears to be current reality movie (Nelson,2015).


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