Field trip paper1

Fieldtrip paper1

Fieldtrip paper1


ThetryptichAwakeningby Sonia Romero is a portrait that shows a woman who is born from atree. This aspect aims to show that nature is the mother of life,from which all things come from. The message is shown in a series ofthree pictures (Romero, 2012). They appear to have the same form inwhat seems like a smooth texture with mild colors that aim to showthe seriousness of the message that the painter aimed to send across.The three images are of the same size well-spaced on the portrait,thereby making people to consider putting their focus on all of themand not just on one of them.

Therectangular frames put around the images act to emphasis on them andincrease their attractiveness to other people so that they are ableto appeal to others. The images also share a considerable space onthe canvas, increasing the chances of people putting more attentionon them (Romero, 2012). Moreover, they are quite valuable, given thefact that the painter has used a simple illustration to explain toother people on the level of importance that they need to attach tothe environment. He has also been able to capture the attention ofpeople given the fact that he has chosen to use the image of a womanwho is naked. As a result, there is a high chance that many peoplewill be more willing to learn about the information that the painteraimed to communicate.

B.The Principles of&nbspdesign/composition

Theartwork shows the general essence that nature holds a very big partof life and it is the role of humankind to take complete care of it.The painting, therefore, shows a great level of skill that went intoportraying a simple and yet very important aspect. The painting makesme feel that I have a duty under my individual capacity to makeactions that will be beneficial not only to me, but to other peopleas well who interact with the environment (Romero, 2012). I also feelthat humanity needs to put more measures into ensuring that futuregenerations are well protected through taking part in actions thatare in line with sustaining the environment.

Theone reason that made me choose this piece of art is the strongmessage that the painter aimed to illustrate as well as the kind ofstrategy that she used to send the message across. It, therefore,shows a person who is highly artistic and able to integrate variousfeatures into coming up with a piece that other people can identifywith.

Thework shown in the portrait is unique because of the method which theartist aimed to send the message. In my opinion, the work succeededto be a piece of art given the kind of artistic style that was usedto convey the message (Romero, 2012). The size of the piece of art is31 inches in width by 38 inches in length. The painting was madeusing acrylic and paper. The painter also made use of traditionalMexican craft as well as a mixture of finely enhanced printing thatwere more edged towards bringing out the artistic nature of the workdesired. The Chicano style is well represented in the piece.


Romero,S (2012). TryptichAwakening