Federal Prison Comparison Matrix


FederalPrison Comparison Matrix

Offenders Name


Nature of crime/offense

Name and description of Correctional facility

Martha Stewart


and television personality

Convicted of obstructing justice by making false statements to investigators regarding an insider trading investigation

Alderson Federal Prison is a minimum security facility that was set up to rehabilitate female prisoners back into the society. Established in 1927, the West Virginia-based Prison was the first female only federal facility (Taggart, 2013).

Ivan Boesky


Indicted on the charges of insider trading

On November 14, 1986, Boesky was sentenced to three and half years and sent to Lompoc Federal Prison. He served only 22 months of his sentence.

Located in Santa Barbara County, Lompoc Federal Prison is a medium-security prison that previously housed non-violent offenders (Federal Bureau of Prisons: FCC Lompoc, n.d). The prison was free of security fences, watchtowers, and high walls. However, after conversion from minimum-security to medium-security, the facility currently houses offenders with a history of violence.

Michael Milken

Business leader

Convicted of tax evasion, conspiracy, securities and tax violations.

After pleading guilty to felonies, Michael was jailed in Federal Prison Camp Pleasanton, CA and released after serving 22 months. Federal Prison Camp Pleasanton is a minimum-security federal facility. In essence, there are no barbed wire fences or high walls to keep inmates within the prison facility. Another notable feature of the minimum-security prisons is that guards do not operate watch towers or arm themselves while carrying out their duties. Federal Prison Camp Pleasanton, unlike Lompoc and Alderson Federal Prison, holds both male and female inmates.

Manuel Noriega

Panamanian soldier, and politician

Arrested in 1989, detained and later flown to the United States. Noriega was tried on many counts including drug trafficking, racketeering, money laundering and sale of United States secrets to Cuba

Upon successful conviction on ten racketeering and drug trafficking charges, Noriega was detained in the Federal Detention Center in Miami. The Florida-based federal facility houses both female and male inmates. Established in 1995, the Federal Detention Centre can hold up to two thousand inmates with a majority of prisoners housed here being prisoners of the United States Marshals Service

Timothy McVeigh

American terrorist.

Detonated a truck bomb in Oklahoma City killing 168 people and injuring 450.

convicted of eleven counts which included conspiracy to commit murder using weapons of mass destruction

Sentenced to death and sent to an Indiana-based facility known as Terre Haute Penitentiary. This is a high-security facility with reinforced walls, high staff-to-inmate ratio and other security features (Federal Bureau of Prisons: USP Terre Haute, n.d).

Terry Nichols

Accomplice in terrorism

Sentenced to life imprisonment for being an accomplice in Oklahoma City bombing in which Timothy McVeigh was the main suspect

Nichols was sent to ADX Florence, a maximum-security prison located in Colorado. According to Taggart (2013), this is a facility that was designed for inmates who have no regard for human life.

Al Capone

Gang leader of the notorious street gang known as the 6th Grade

In 1931, he was convicted on 23 federal counts of tax evasion.

Capone was jailed in Atlanta State Prison, where he established himself as a king pin. He was later sent to a secluded facility called Alcatraz where he served the rest of his sentence.

John Gotti

Adult criminal

Indicted on five counts of murder including obstruction of justice, conspiracy to commit murder, loan sharking and racketeering

Upon conviction, he jailed in Marion Federal Prison, a maximum-security facility located in Illinois


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