Fed up

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Thevideo aims to present both sides of the controversy surroundinggenetically modified organisms (GMO) products. After watching thisvideo, I am convinced that the world does not need GMO foods to solveits shortage problem. I have learned that the continued applicationof this technology will intoxicate the ecosystem and this will leadto reduced number of farmlands. Additionally, the video shows thatwith increased use of these products, the world will be dependent ononly the large scale farmers for food production while renderingsmall-scale farmers out of business (YouTube). I agree with thenarrators that empowering small-scale farmers and encouraging them toengage in organic farming will guarantee a brighter future for theglobal population and the issues of food insecurity solved.

GMOis illegal in the European region. The latter has been achievedthrough efforts by groups that illustrated that these products wereharmful to the body. However, the banning of GMO has not beensupplemented with a requirement to producers dealing with thesecommodities to label them. I believe this decision was arrived atafter witnessing the struggles faced by the American authorities instates where labelling is required. Moreover, policy makers in Europeoperate under the belief that consumers are aware of the productsthey are purchasing and thus know when the product they take aremodified (YouTube). However, this assumption has been questioned bythe narrators who believe that it is impossible to identify foodsthat are modified and thus perhaps Europe’s food supply is alreadyfilled up with these products.

Rivoli,just like those aimed at making biotechnology firms monopolies in thefood market, believe that engineered food are the solution to globalfood shortages. Thus, downplaying the controversy is aimed atensuring that the goal of making the world embrace these products isattained.


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