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KUFt. Lauderdale MSOT Program OTH5853: Fieldwork Level I Part I (Adults)

SatisfactoryScore: A minimum of 7 out of 10 possible points

Week5 Log:A Selected OT Client with Psychosocial Issues that Limit OccupationalPerformance and/or Participation.

  1. How and why did you select this client for your psychosocial fieldwork caseload? Briefly describe his or her identified psychosocial issues and related psychiatric diagnoses (including addictions) if applicable.

Iselected this client for my fieldwork by reviewing my caseload.Notably, the chosen person had several psychosocial needs. Inparticular, the patient had cognitive deficits that made it highlychallenging to plan for his care.

  1. What are the key psychosocial issues that are limiting this client’s occupational performance? Explain how they are limiting occupational performance.

Thereare several factors that limit the client’s occupationalperformance. Firstly, his low IQ level hinders him from understandinginstructions. Hence, the client manifests difficulties in processinginformation. Furthermore, he is unable to follow 2-3 step commands.The client is also hampered since he cannot properly communicateaspects of secondary speech.

Answerthe question below that applies to the selected client’s situation(3, 4, OR 5)

  1. If this client is already receiving OT intervention:

  1. How are his or her psychosocial issues being addressed?

Theclient’s psychosocial issues are being addressed using variousinterventions. For example, the OTR promotes social interactionsbetween the individual and other patients in the rehab gym. In thisregard, the client has been encouraged to visit facilities such asthe dining room during lunch and supper. Hence, he can have regularassociation with other residents. In addition, the facility hasprovided a schedule of activities courtesy of the program director.

  1. What could be added to the OT intervention plan and the intervention strategies in addition to what is already incorporated, in order to best meet this client’s psychosocial issues and needs?

Grouptherapy could be added to the OT intervention plan to meet theclient’s psychosocial needs (Schell et al., 2013). Frequentinteractions with other residents at the facility could promoteteamwork (Scaffa&amp Reitz, 2013). Some of the group activities include mealpreparation and painting of items.


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