Existential Therapy


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Livinga life that matters to me means being in control of my daily affairsand having a clear and free mind. It means being loose from anyaddiction so that any decision that I may make would be from a clearconscience and not under the influence of anything. A life thatmatters means being a role model to my juniors and living a life thatthey can gladly want to emulate while I assist the society in solvingits problems and not adding more problems to people. Therefore,living a life that matters means a holistic, fulfilling and aclear-headed life. From an existential viewpoint, this question iscrucial in therapeutic process as it assists the therapist torecognize the character traits of the patient as well as understandwhat morals the person observes in their life (Spinelli,2014).It is an effective method in understanding the psychology of theindividual. The question appears as an easy quiz, but it allows oneto self-evaluate and recognize if they have been able to live anideal life that fulfills their intrinsic values.

Theexistential approach may be useful for assisting the people sufferingfrom addiction (Spinelli,2014).First, it would be by making the individuals aware of the type oflives that they should be living or at least emulate. It is importantto allow the addicts to air their opinion about the kind of life theylive and the one they would like to be living. It is important toassist the addicted individuals in realizing how their habits havebeen deterring them from attaining a life that matters. Some of therelevant aspects of the existential therapy include freedom and itsresponsibilities (Corey,2015).Many of the addicts develop their habits due to the freedom they haveand lack of self-control (Spinelli,2014).They end up indulging in irresponsible activities and use of drugs.Ultimately, it leads to addiction as the habit gets out of control.It is necessary to assist the addicts to know how and when torestrain their behavior (Spinelli,2014).The therapist should help the addicted people to overcome the feelingof hopelessness and meaninglessness as life always offers secondchances for the individuals who wish to reform (Corey,2015).

Jimexperiences a terrible situation and finds it hard to interact withpeople. His character may be stemming from that of his father whoseemed to be unmoved by any emotions so that he could prove hismanliness. Jim copied some of the traits but not as much as hisfather possessed. To deal with Jim’s case, it would be necessaryfor Jim to confess to me the type of characters he aspires tomaintain and what he thinks a life that matters means to him. It isimportant to make him realize that it is natural for human beings tohave emotions and display them in any way. People are also socialanimals, and they need to interact throughout their life for them tolive a fulfilling experience (Spinelli,2014).Developing a wall so that he cannot be accessed would mean that Jimwould deny himself an essential psychological need for himself. Iwould assist Jim to realize that blocking people away from his lifewould only magnify his current problems and one time or another hemight need the assistance of the same individuals and hence it isimportant to maintain a working relationship with them (Spinelli,2014).


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