Executive Brief



Theintensive and generic growth strategies at Apple are directlyrelatable to its marketing and pricing among other business areas.Being one of the most valued companies globally, Apple hasdemonstrated that general strategy encompasses the major elementoffering them an edge over other firms such as Samsung, LG, andBlackberry. Consequently, the firm’s intensive strategy for growthhas supported Apple in maintaining its strong position in the worldmarket. The company has ensured there is the emphasis on excellentproduct design as well as high rates of innovation. Even with itsrelatively high pricing in the market, Apple has continued to succeedregardless, a clear indication of the firm’s use of genericstrategies and intensive growth approaches. Apple has utilized thePorter’s model to make the basis of their generic strategy aligningit with the intensive growth strategies at the company.

Appleuses market penetration as one of the pillars of its intensive growthstrategy. It is an approach which involves attaining a broader marketshare by selling the current products of the company more (Apple’sGeneric Strategy &amp Intensive Growth Strategies, 2016).For instance, the application of this strategy by Apple is evidentthrough their selling of iPads and iPhones to its target market.Particularly, the company realizes more sales by the addition of moreauthorized sellers in the market. The approach has been critical inhelping Apple penetrate markets where it is yet to achieve asignificant position. As a key marketing strategy, the company hasheavily invested inbound marketing through various media outlets suchas websites and advertisements in establishing a niche in the marketencouraging more people to buy their products. The intensive growthand inbound marketing have been in tandem with the firm’s broadgeneric differentiation strategy as it can address the need tocapture the market broadly.

Thegeneric approach that Apple uses of general differentiation helps itto stand out. Differentiation in design and functionality of theirproducts supports its goal in leading the market through innovativeproducts. Innovation has always been the epicenter of business atApple. However, in an effort of improving the application of thegeneric strategy, the firm ought to aggressively penetrate markets indeveloping countries where it has the limited market (CNNMONEY 2012). Market penetration and development ought to be amongst the firm’stop most priorities. Emphasis on market penetration and marketdevelopment will go a long way in helping improve the company’sresilience against their aggressive competitors such as Samsung (FourGeneric Strategies That Strategic Business Units Use, 2016).

Thepredominant opportunity in that Apple incorporations enjoys is thehigh demand which emanates from the launch of their upcoming productsin the market through the re-organizational of the corporation’sorganizational structural. FINANCIAL TIMES (2012) states that thehigh demand for the Apple products potentially increases the marketshare and immense success that Apple has on the market. Also, thehighly anticipated launch of the iTV will contribute to increasingApple’s sales and support the product’s ecosystem. The growth ofthe Smartphone and other related products is a profound opportunityto increasing the firm’s competitiveness and shares in the marketindex. Apple`s competitors often tend to infringe their productpatents therefore, collecting damages from such damages is anirresistible opportunity to increase revenue allocation. It isforeseen that Apple will continue to enjoy greater market share forlong years to come.


Product-AppleCorporation has majored in the production of laptops, mobile phonesand IPad.

Price-theprice for the products of this company is relatively high compared toits competitors. It is because of the high quality of the product.

Promotion-thecompany advertises its products through the social media, newspapersand posters.

Place-itis located in the united states but it has various branches incertain countries to market their products.


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