Excel Project



Themain aim of this paper is to find the average cost of living in acity. From this arguments or discussion, the author will seek to findout from the project whether one should love in cities or towns, thatis, rural areas vs. urban areas. This project will largely focus onthe city south of America. The project will cover the town of Albany,Alton, Valdosta and Atlanta. This project is important in manyaspects, but as an international student, the project is critical asit sets the best city to live in and one that has good college.

Fromthe results collected, it is expected that cost of living in urbanareas is very high in comparison to the rural areas. When finding outabout the living standards and costs of living, there are some of thefactors that will be considered. The factors include housing, healthcare, transportation, education, average wages, unemployment rate,employment opportunities. The data to be used will be retrieved fromdifferent sites. One such site used is Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Mariettasite (CareerTrends, n.d).

Forthe project to take place there is a sequence that has to befollowed, failure to which the project will not be properly executed.The first process will entail writing the description of this projectthat I intended to create. The next stage was a presentation of thedescription to the professor to which he approved. Additionally, thewill be a collection of the relevant data from legitimate USA datawebsites. Different from the first instance, this project will entailanalysis of data which shall be done using graphs, averages, sums andchecking for trends and patterns. Finally, the output will berecorded and from it, a conclusion will be made.

Atthe end of the project, it is expected that there be a disparity inthe two classes of individuals. The cost of living is a bit high forthe urban areas as compared to the rural sections of the town. Theproject has ensured that there be a difference between the rural andurban sections. By doing this project, I will get a full insight ofthe town, and it environs where I am looking forward to living.


CareerTrends(n.d). Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta. Retrieved fromhttp://cost-of-living.careertrends.com/l/122/Atlanta-Sandy-Springs-Marietta-GA-Metro-Area#Family%20Budget%20Overview&amps=1r82Qf[Accessed23/09/2017].