Ethical Argument



Themedical fraternity is a very viable and of great significance inhumanity and the entire man`s existence. It is through medicalfacilitation that corrective measures, as well as preventivemodulation, get done. From proper medical provision andadministration, there is a well-managed society free from infectionsand mortality rates. For efficient medical delivery, there is theneed for the expertise to follow and practice ethics in associationto avoid mistakes and careless misfortunes (Jonsen, A. R., Siegler,M., &amp Winslade, W. J.,2006).

Ms.Comfort is dying of cancer and needs medication attention in attemptsto help her see another day. That is regarding correct medication,close care, and keen prescription to avoid any mishaps in themedication to save a life. (Jonsen et al.,2006) On the contrary, shewants to end her life due to the pain and suffering she is facing andundergoing. And she feels like taking away her life will besubstantial and will make her rest in peace to escape the pain,awkward moments she is facing and will give her a sigh of relief.

Ethicallybound, taking away one`s life is not a safe and a sound measure andpractice to embark on as the last resort as suicides attempts arebarbaric and reduce humanity to nothing but mere wild. (Jonsen, 2006)As her doctor following the rules of the ethical medical policies, Iwould rather recommend her to take heart and be positive on thehealth condition. Since cancer is curable though expensive, I wouldnot opt for her to take her life away as a professional medicaldoctor. I would make it possible for her to take other measures withthe help of her not to take a rather unthoughtful of measure andtake. I would try by all means and by any way possible to make Ms.Comfort understand that death in as much as death at times tends tobe possible reasons and logical thoughts to help resolve a problem. Iwould be a very sound and sober mind to her to let her understand thefacts and legitimate mental arguments that revolve around suicidemissions. To stop the mentality of taking away life, I would be onthe forefront to help resolve the whole situation and make it appearbeautiful if not the only option for safe and wise decision making.

Ethically,suicide missions and practices are out of bounds within the medicalfacilitations. (Jonsen et al.,2006) It is not part and parcel of whatmedical expertise consider as a solution. In a rather moreexpandable, it is not within the medical postulation, and it takesone to completely feel out of place to opt for such a practice. As adoctor, I would encourage Ms. Comfort to consider the other option ofworking within the environs and make ups of taking her on the saferside. She can do this through seeking more advanced medical attentionthough expensive, it is worth it and adopts a central role in savinga life.

Asher doctor, I would consider the other option of taking appropriatemedication to not only make her gain relief but also make her livehealthily and extend her life more. It is not of high correct thoughtand consideration for one to consider dying but just in case that isthe case, it is wise for proper medication to revert the view andpresent a viable option. As her doctor, I would also urge her toconsider the value of guidance and counseling for her to see otheroptions that would also offer her a sigh of relief other thansuicide. I would be on the forefront to see her live and see anotherday for I would not accept her to see herself as not important anddoesn`t deserve to live anymore (Jonsen et al.,2006). Through properguidance and counseling, she will be in a position to take how thesituation is and resort to making herself live again and not dying.Through guidance and proper advice within the ethics, there will beanother viable option for Ms. Comfort that would make her see thesense of life again.


Inconclusion, there is a need for the whole idea of proper medicalfacilitations is properly disseminated within the noble endeavors. Itwise and of significance in letting all including patients thatSuicide never solves any medical feeling in however much painful itcould be. It is not appropriate to just think of death and in thecase of such attempts, favorable and well thought medicalconsiderations need to get put in place.


Jonsen,A. R., Siegler, M., &amp Winslade, W. J. (2006). Clinicalethics: The practical approach to ethical decisions in the medicine.New York: McGraw-Hill, Medical Pub. Division.