EpiPen Subject



TheEpinephrine Auto-Injector was a very active pharmaceutical firmdealing in drugs and medical facilitation up to the time of its poormisappropriation of funds that led to its closure. Themisappropriation of the funds within the enterprise resulted from thelack of transparency and loss of integrity regarding bribery andfinancial handouts in the enterprise. That got caused by the lack ofintegrity among the senior managers as well no proper accountabilityalongside conflicting interest within the whole firm. There lacked nogood record keeping and not appropriate accounts management withinthe enterprise, the absence of business ethics and moral code led tothe collapse. (Tilton, 2010)

Thestaff and as well as the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mylan Bresch ofthe Pharmaceutical Enterprise tried to relent a bit in a sense togive the senior management time to make up and rectify. The policyregarding the pharmaceutical dispensation and discharge interferedwith the whole functionality of the firm. The EpiPen scandal was yetanother huge financial mess that saw the fall of the largepharmaceutical enterprise due to lack of proper financial managementand accountability. The thin line and shred existing between theregulated firms together with those charged with the role ofregulation regulators got blurred from the collapse. The fall wasreal, and nothing other than the resignation of the senior managementwas the only option in the entire saga.

Conflictinginterests among the top management coupled with lack moral decency ofhonesty, truth and transparency resulted into risky financialappropriations that led to fall in profits. The senior managementlater got caught and the ones given the role and responsibility offinancial accounting got recognized after the government conductedthe auditing. The finance manager was in for corruption allegationsthat included bribery, poor records keeping, and financialmalpractice involvements. Finally, it dawned that the wholepharmaceutical industry was fake, corrupt as well as broken inessence.

Thepresence of Ombudsman or any other related character required did notexist resulting in improper legal action creating a loophole andacting as a soft spot for the mismanagement to go through hencecollapse. The internal business environment, therefore, is the onethat causes the whole mess, and from that, there was thewhistleblowing from the internal environment. The whistle-blowingthing came in rather late to help restore the mess, and there lackeda safe environmental as a measure to initiate the whistleblowing.


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