Environmental world view

Environmentalworld view

Acoin is two sided and so is the debate on environmental view. Theone handof the coin, there those who claim that humanbeingshave a moral obligation to flora and fauna for the sake of natureitself. Thus,referring to it as the life-centered view.The fundamental information here is that all wildlifeis extraordinary,and it is through their collaboration they create a satisfying,functioning and health society of living things. Hence, we do nothave an unethicalobligation to nature because we are the beneficiaries. Therefore, weare simply ethically obligated to it for its importance.

Thelifecentered environment hasimportantideas that led me to settle on the decision of writing my reflectivepaper with thespiritedpassion forunderstanding and learning more regarding it. More so, is theintimacy I hold for nature. To begin with, anintrinsicvalue which states that we are morally obligatedtorespect the inherentvalue of all plants and animals. It isthe main belief in life centered?We should nature flora and fauna because of theirprimary valuenot because of our benefit as different species. However, we are notonly required to respect the value of plants and animals,but we should also allow them to do what theyneed to do.For example, letspiders eat mosquitoes and make webs, allow monkeys jump from tree totree, allow theseto sponge and allow birds to fly. As human beings,it is not important to understand it rather respect it.

Environmentalworld view on life centeredappreciatesthe fact that peopleconstituteto nature, created through the same evolutionary process and likeanything else composed of proteins and carbons so are,people.Weare asmallerpart of the bigger system.