Environmental Platforms of the Presidential Candidates

EnvironmentalPlatforms of the Presidential Candidates

Environmentalconcern is one of the serious issues in America that everypresidential candidate declares their stand. The main environmentalaspects that Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Gary Johnson weigh inon are climate change and renewable energy (&quot2016 PresidentialElection – Procon.Org&quot 1). While Clinton and Johnson agree thathuman activity is responsible for global climate change, Trumpdisagrees. Conversely, Trump and Johnson believe that the U.S. shouldnot transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energywhile Clinton says that it should. The environmental platforms of thepresidential candidates provide insight on their proposed plans ofaction towards environmental management.

Accordingto Clinton, the country needs to use every tool at its disposal tocombat global warming by hastening the transition to clean renewableenergy (&quot2016 Presidential Election – Procon.Org&quot 1). Shebelieves that for economic, environmental and strategic reasons,America should get out from under the constant use of non-renewableenergy such as coal. Johnson also states that global warming is mancaused and that a healthy economy goes hand in hand with a cleanenvironment. Conversely, he says that America still needs to rely ontraditional energy sources since renewable energy can only provide15% of the energy needs (&quot2016 Presidential Candidates On EnergyAnd Environmental Policy – Ballotpedia&quot 1). Trump claims thatthe biggest tornadoes and hurricanes occurred in the 1860s and 1890s.He believes that climate change is simply a result of poor weatherand that human activity is not to blame. The mistaken belief thatclimate change is because of carbon emissions necessitate the pushfor renewable energy. In addition, although the use of green energyworks, it does not make any economic sense.

Notably,based on the aspirants’ views, Clinton stands out as the bestchoice for future environmental management in the country. Shebelieves that climate change is a big challenge that is human made.Therefore, it is our responsibility to curb the global warming.Consequently, she supports the shift of focus from non-renewableenergy to green energy that is sustainable and environmentallyfriendly. Her plan of setting bold national goals will act as apacesetter for the country’s positive direction in the conservationof natural resources.


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