Peopleare diverse and have different modes of learning, which are suitableto them. They range from listening, studying alone, reading,discussing, writing summaries and incorporating music in thebackground among other methods. It is for that reason that somestudents may not seem to understand if they are told to read on theirown, but when the issue is discussed they not only remember, butfully comprehend the matter.

Personally,I have various learning methods depending on the subject I am workingon. My preferred learning method for mathematics is different fromscientific and linguistics subjects. This has resulted out of thecomplexities and differences in the kind of dedication, memory, andlevel of understanding that are needed to be conversant with thesesubjects. In my case, I will use these three methods of learning inelaborating how I best learn.

Tobegin with, I have realized that I prefer a practical approach whenlearning mostly science subjects such as biology, chemistry, andphysics. For instance, I never understood much about titration intheoretical perspective until we began doing practical learning. As aresult, I remembered and understood what was needed to be done as Iwatched the tutor do it.

Furthermore,to make the process even more fun, we participated in doing titrationpracticals on our own. This enabled me to perfectly comprehend thewhole process such that I could replicate the practicals and theresults accurately. For this learning process to be successful, Ineeded a tutor to guide me in doing titration. His help wasinstrumental as he provided more knowledge on how I could do thispractical on my own.

Itis important to note that trying to understand the process intheoretical perspective it was quite difficult for me, but when I didit step by step, the level of comprehension was superb. Thatexperience of learning has taught me that if I need to understandthings that involve practical application, I have to see an examplein real life. As a result, I have learned some few things about carsthrough watching my dad’s works.

Eventhe basic things about operating a CPU and playing games, I learnedby watching others. Furthermore, this learning mode has proven to bevery productive in my life as I also apply it in social aspects. Forinstance, I treat others with respect as I have seen the same beingreplicated by my parents.

Secondly, I have adopted the use of discussion in learning especiallyin complex subjects such as accounting and mathematics. Thesesubjects require a high level of logical skills, comprehension,frequent practice and discussions with friends as these aids theprocess of learning. I remember that our former mathematics teacherused to group us in fours and gave us questions which we would solve.

Successwas not determined by getting the right answers, but the ability ofeach group member to fully comprehend the task. These discussionsenabled me to learn function formulas and how to apply them insolving mathematics questions. As a result, I developed logicalskills in solving issues. I understood that some issues need criticalthinking to solve if you want to reach a conclusive answer.

Thismethod of learning was made possible by the arrangement of ourteacher and the cooperation of group members that were more thanwilling to help. Consequently, I learned that discussion was veryformative in enhancing not only memory and understanding, but alsological skills. The application of logic in life has been veryhelpful in solving even the simple things in life.

Forinstance, when you offend someone it would be logical to apologize orwalk away until he/she calms down. One thing I have observed aboutthis method of learning is that even today before I make someoneunderstand or listen to my argument, I have to show them the logic inwhat I am saying.

Asa result, things that a common man would take lightly and reach aparticular conclusion without considerations of many aspects, Iusually find myself critically thinking and try to see the possibleoutcomes of such scenarios. It is this reasoning that has made mecareful in choosing friends, career, cars, and in many aspects oflife.

Finally,I have become fond of reading with music playing in the background.This began as early as I was in high school. The idea of readingwhile playing music began as a joke. I started reading novels when Iwas quite young, but the quietness in my room was unappealing as aresult I started to play music when I got bored. With time I realizedthat the environment of reading while playing music was fun.

Sincethen, I usually play music when reading theoretical subjects. I havelearned that this method of reading usually makes the brain active.Thus, comprehension and remembering have been enhanced increasing themotivation for learning, which has been useful in my education. Thehabit of listening to music has become part of me such that whenundertaking daily chores it has become a norm that I play some music.

Forinstance, if I need to wash my utensils or clean the house, I wouldmotivate myself with some music. Subsequently, when driving it hasalso become a habit to play my favorite music as I sing along. When Iexamine this mode is by far the most interesting one as it reducesthe formalities that are associated with reading making the learningprocess more involving and enjoyable.


Onething that is common to these three modes of learning is that theyare motivating and engaging. Thus, they boost the level ofunderstanding and enhance remembrance. Discussion allows us to relateat an interpersonal level where we encourage each other by buildingself-esteem and enhancing knowledge through sharing and teaching.

Thismode has become useful in my education and personal life such thatwhen I give a point, I feel obligated to explain it so that whoeveram sharing the issue with fully comprehends it. Furthermore, thislearning process enables me to apply logic to everything I do. As aresult, I have used this learning process to choose even friends andmake many decisions about my life.

Moreover,I have learned to apply the learning process of practicing toreading. I realized this was the best approach to comprehendscientific subjects that need the use of laboratory skills. Intheoretical perspective, understanding these subjects can be quitetricky, but when you physically perform the practicals throughobserving what your tutor does, you will be able to replicate theresults easily. I have assimilated this method of learning in fewthings like fixing minor issues in the car, laptops and even playingvideo games.

Thelast learning mode that I have incorporated in my life is the use ofmusic while reading, which is the oldest form that I adopted at anearly age when I started reading novels. I have adopted the habit oflistening to music even when driving and doing family chores andother duties on my own. I am fond of this mode as it brings arelaxing environment. Thus, these three methods of learning have beenessential in transforming my life.