Editorial selection Political Story


Editorialselection: Political Story


TheAtlantic Magazine,

11Fifth Street,

SpruceSt, Philadelphia 56244. Philadelphia, 2/27/2020

DearMr. Adams,


Thereis great joy in the heart of an editor whose story captures theinterest of readers and the employer. The tale should win the heartof a spectrum of readers for informative and entertainment purposes.At the moment, the primary news items in the country regard thepolitics due to the forthcoming elections. It is my hope that thereaders and scholars would seek to explore articles that offerdifferent perspectives on political coverage. There is one story, athoroughly researched piece, which brings both scholarly and newsitems. In the hearts of most people, the question about the reasonswhy they still believe that Donald Trump should become the nextcommander-in-chief is still growing. Many controversies surround thecandidate that some individuals believe do not suit the expectationsin a high office.

Onething I like about the piece of writing is that it has been wellresearched. The content is suitable for people seeking informativearticles, including scholars. It is also written in a simple andcaptivating language that readers can understand. The size of theessay covers the space available in our publication effectively. Ibelieve that the length of the article does not leave unansweredqueries. Further, the article is non-partisan, hence, making itsuitable for people with all political inclinations. Most articlesoffer biased and, sometimes, partisan opinions that do not reflectthe accurate picture in a given setting. Such stories often end updiscouraging readers from buying the magazine in the future.

Thetarget readers include people seeking informative articles as well asscholars intending to advance their knowledge of politics. In fact,the piece of writing opens room for further studies for the scholars.The author is a renowned individual on political analysis. His viewsare sought on important policy matters in the state. It is my strongconsideration that we take the opportunity to increase our readershipand coverage. The country is presently in a political mood hence theneed to engage the readers with information and news items thatcollaborate research and current news.

Anothercritical strength is the author is well-known for his spirited andnon-biased analysis during major events around the state. Since hehas not written before for the magazine, I believe that this is theright time to engage such individuals to enhance our readership. Theauthor has the potential to create stories in other fields. I believethat we still need writers who can generate great storiesirrespective of the news and matters in our social settings. The mostimportant thing now is to create better stories when compared toother outlets. Our coverage needs not report news or analyze eventsthat most people have prior information.

Thestory has both political and historical significance coming at a timewhen a leading candidate has never held a public office. The choiceof words and theme solidifies the author’s wisdom. It is a storythat evokes positive emotions in the minds of the readers. The storyin itself carries both sociological and political perspectives thatconnect the readers with the content. The article will make manyundecided voters make informed choices based on the argumentspresented by the author. The writer uses winning strategies tocapture the theme. His package of information and tone appeals to themost people who believe in the importance adopting new thinking inpolitical discussions. The message appeals to the audience that hasgreat regard for political correctness. It quickly connects with thepolitical needs and expectations that citizens are currently lookingfor to assist in making decisions during voting.

Aleading think-tank in our state has contracted the author severallyto generate articles that can help opinions. Some of the items informthe formulation of policy papers. When I was schooling in college, myhistory lecturer recommended us to read pieces of writing by theauthor. He has already reviewed the material and awarded a positiverating. Already, the editorial manager has discussed the story. Shewas greatly interested in asking whether the author could write morethat are not necessarily political. He uses practical examples in thewrite-up, thus, making the readers follow and pay close attention toall details. The content is crucial in inspiring, persuading andgiving new hope to the citizens and supporters. An excellent featureneeds to evoke positive stimuli that make readers look forward to thefuture editorials.

Iunderstand that to create and maintain the reputation, as well as aconcrete representation, of either an organization or individual, ischallenging and ever changing. Nonetheless, having read the article,I consider that it will inform our future agenda in the editorialdepartment. I anticipate that the chronicle will enhance thecompany’s standing in the publication of well-researched andinformative features. Great tales should not only provide news to thereaders, but also needs to strengthen their knowledge on vitalmatters in life.

Ilook forward towards positive response and consideration of the paperfor publication in our magazine.



AssistantFiction Editor.