Discussion of Two Objects in Asian Art Museum

Discussionof Two Objects in Asian Art Museum

Thetwo objects that I choose in Asian Art Museum were Hindu Deity Shivaand Hindu Deity Durga. The both objects are in an upright posturewith a different outlook. Both Shiva and Durga were worshiped in thetemple. Shiva was dedicated to Bhairava in a Shiva temple while theDurga sculpture was placed on a wall of Indian Temple to beworshiped. Durga stands courageously over the buffalo’s headshowing the power of victory. Shiva existed from the period of 1300to 1500 while Durga existed from the period of 1000 to 1100. Shiva isa mendicant and an ascetic who is escorted by a dog while wearing agarland of flat heads. Durga is decorated with jewelry and has aslim waste, a tall crown, and graceful pose. The Shiva sculpture ismade of sandstones. The object has a hissing serpent meant toconfront the fears of the worshippers. The figure is coated with bootblack and red-brown dirt. Shiva is a man while Durga is a woman.

Ipreferred the two objects because they were attracting and had thehistory of Hindu on how they worshiped God. The two objects were usedto conquer antagonism brought by the gods. Both were enacted intemples to be worshiped. There is a lot of creativity in Chinese artmotivating students to learn about different arts and becomeartisans. Many objects were made to resemble existed people, animals,tools or objects which had a historical or cultural importance. Forexample, both Shiva and Durga resembled great warriors in Hinducommunity. There are other appealing Chinese arts in the Museum withgreat paints and also look attractive making the place look awesomeencouraging someone to visit frequently.