Discussion of Readings Presentation

Discussionof Readings Presentation


Whatare the principal arguments in the article and how are they relevantto the main themes and topics of the class?

Thearticle “Governments and citizens getting to know each other? Open,closed, and big data in public management reform?” was written byAmanda Clarke and Helen Margetts and published in 2014. The mainarguments presented in the article include the fact that the mostsuitable model of public governance is the one that enhances theunderstanding between the government and the public.

Theauthors compared the three leadership frameworks, including thedigital era governance, progressive era administration, and the newpublic management models. Out of the three models, the digital eraframework is the most appropriate because it facilitates the use oflarge data to inform the process of decision making. The applicationof large data facilitates transparency, effectiveness, andresponsiveness in public governance.

Howdoes the article compare to other articles and arguments discussed inthe course?

Thearguments raised in the article compare with several issues discussedduring the course. For example, issues of public engagement and theuse of the data to help the government comprehend the needs of thecitizens were extensively discussed. The digital era is characterizedby the free flow of information that help the government comprehendthe needs of the citizens. The information also empowers the citizensto criticize their government.

Howdoes the article relate to real and topical issues and/or your ownexperience?

Theissues discussed in the article are related to some real issues. Forexample, open governance is a real issue that is discussed in thepublic and academic settings. Open governance has gained popularityfollowing the near-perfect access to information by the member of thepublic. Moreover, the role of technology in public governance is realand among the most debated issues in the modern world. Opengovernance and the engagement of citizens are some of the key pillarsof democracy.

Howvalid or important are the relative article’s argument and howmight they be improved?

Authorssupported their arguments using the data collected after interviewingcivil servants and researchers. The risk of bias can be minimized inthe future by interviewing the citizens in order to include the viewsof the government and members of the public.


Clarke,A. &amp Margetts, H. (2014). Governmentsand citizens getting to know each other? Open, closed, and big datain public management reform?Malden, MA: Wiley Periodicals, Inc.