Development Debate Description


DevelopmentDebate Description

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Candevelopment be limited?

Yes,development can be limited. In the universe, we living in, everythingcan develop but to a certain level. Physical sciences have led to alot of development but which at some point seem to stand still ordevelop slowly. The structures that are built (buildings), cannot betall to the extent that it cannot support itself. There must becertain heights that buildings cannot go beyond. The plane industrytoo develops everyday but the size of the planes cannot be too bigthat it will not be able to fly (Abubakar, et al. 2013).The samecase applies to the memory and intelligence in human beings. Fromwhen one is born, the mind grows to some extent that it begins tostagnate. Why can`t it develop till one dies? Development is thuslimited.

Adultstandard exists

Everyoneis different from the other in terms of what one can do. There arethose people who will be perfect in some instances, say sports, whileothers are not god at them. The physical fitness with the one whoparticipates in the sporting activities is better than one who doesoffice work only (Haynes, 2016). If the two-different people aresubjected to a task that requires muscular efforts, the chances ofthe sportsman wining are high. The standards thus exist in theadults.

Languageacquisition is more attainable for the youth

Whenone is young, there are those situations that one will be taught thenative language may be through listening to others talk. This doesnot mean that one is perfect in the language or can answer anyquestion posed in that language. The youths however are subjected tobeing taught English especially when working in offices (Abubakar, etal. 2013). The language can be easily understood at this age due tothe need. The learner however can be good at writing grammar ortalking but does not mean he or she is perfect in that language. Theneed for the knowledge about the language by the youths makes iteasier for the acquisition.


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