Demand for Health and Medical Care


Demandfor Health and Medical Care


Thehealth of individuals is determined by their circumstances andenvironment. The genes of a person play a significant role indetermining the lifespan of the individual. It controls thelikelihood of developing a particular disease, determining theoverall health, which is dependent on the individual’s ability ataccessing quality healthcare (World Health Organization [WHO], 2016).

Incomeis directly linked to better health, and high pay means being richallowing for healthy eating and peace of mind due to affordability,with money, access to sanitary facilities and use of their servicesis easy, through insurance covers, availability, and ability to meetcosts. Preventing and treating diseases leading to healthyindividuals in a community (WHO, 2016).

Educationallows for an individual to know what foods are associated with goodhealth, how to avoid stress and keep fit. This leads to betterhealth, less stress, and higher confidence (WHO, 2016). When theenvironment consists of clean water, clean air, safe neighborhoodsand workplaces, good roads and a friendly community, the populationin the environment are healthier compared to those that live in areasthat have poor dilapidated housing, exposed litter and garbage, andvandalism (WHO, 2016).

Thediscussed determinants of health are social in nature socioeconomicstatus, physical environment, genetics, education, and access tohealth care are all interrelated. With low income, a person will livein a bad, unsafe neighborhood, where her lifestyle will be poor, thefood she gets unbalanced, the children will not have any education,or have minimal education. And in such communities, health care isoften unavailable, or the quality of attention very unsatisfactory.With this combination of factors, one element can determine whether apopulation within a nation and its generation can become healthy orunhealthy (Heiman &amp Artiga, 2015).


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