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WhatI Picked:

Duringthe Presidential debate held on Monday night, Donald Trump had audioissues. His sound level was so low at the beginning that his firstfew answers were not clear. As he proceeded to tackle the subsequentqueries, the volume level increased as if someone adjusted it. Hesounded loud, and everyone could hear him in the hall (Kohut, 2016).The fact that the microphone was not adjusted by anyone shows Trumpstood a bit far from it. However, Trump was quick to say theorganizers gave him the defective mic intentionally. In a singlestatement, thePresidential Debates Commission admitted on Friday that Trump’saudio was impacted during the debate. They did not give more detailsand it remains unknown what exactly caused the problem. Debates areconsidered as special moments in the U.S. It worries to see Trump wasnot ready for the questions. He is always discussing his idea onmaking America great again. But, freaks out when he has a chance toexplain candidly. Is he ready to lead America or his talks are empty?Americans have to think about that.

Thediscussion was Trump’s opportunity to speak to American voters andthe whole world in general. He tensed at the start of the contest,making his answers inaudible. The microphone was fine. Once he stoodproperly, his voice was loud and clear. How can people believe whathe says in his campaign meetings if a debate can make him freak out?He later stated that he was given a malfunctioning microphone onpurpose (Collinson, 2016). However, he is known to utter thingswithout evidence, and this may be just one of them.

WhyI Picked It

Ichoose thisparticular political event because Donald Trump promises America bigthings, but he cannot stand confidently to answer the questions in aPresidential Debate. He is an example of how politicians speak loudlyat a campaign rally, but lower their tone when everyone is listening. This is a man who had feuds in the past, and he does not back downeven when expects him to do so. The recent incidence has escalatedbad blood with a fallen soldier’s parents. The slain soldier,Captain Humayun Khan, had tweeted that Trump was unfit for theAmerican presidency.

Trumpcomplained that the problem with the microphone during thepresidential debate was deliberate. Clinton was declared the winnerof the discussions, which is estimated to have been watched by over80 million Americans. Having lost the debate, Trump wants to blamethe organizers for giving him a defective microphone. He thinkspeople will sympathize and still consider him as the bestpresidential candidate despite that he dishonored the family of aslain American combatant identified as Khan (Collinson, 2016).Several young Americans are in Afghanistan fighting terrorism, yet anAmerican presidential candidate cannot back down and show respect tothe family of the deceased.

HowIt Relates To Class:

Goodimage for a presidential candidate is important. Anyone can grow tobecome one, but only a few are cut to make a president. However,today a candidate’s image goes beyond their politic philosophicalorientation (Denton, 1998). Apart from considering the promises onhow to deal with issues such as healthcare, crime, education, andother major problems facing America, the candidate has to impressvoters in additional ways.

Themodern age cares about new elements, including personality, dressing,lifestyle, interaction, utterances and the list goes on. A singlestatement transforms the view of the voters. It is easy to say thingsnot knowing how the media will report them. The press essentiallydrives presidential campaigns (Denton, 1998). All forms of media,especially the television are crucial in these campaigns. Moreover,advanced technology enables people to blow matters out proportion.The two main presidential candidates in America have had to answerquestions in the media due to their regrettable utterances. Today,both social media and mainstream media control the candidates’campaigns.


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