Criminal Justice


The criminal justice system is a very significant body in anycountry. It plays a major role to ensure that laws and policies areapplied accordingly to build a corrupt free and secure environmentfor every citizen. Over the recent years, various precautions havebeen taken to make this dream of a reliable criminal justice systemcome true.

Good leadership practices are one of the ways that have been put inplace to create a better criminal justice system. Different scenarioscan prove this fact, for example, ensuring that the officials in thejustice system are of high integrity and are corrupt free. This isnormally done by carrying out thorough interviews and scrutiny forany individual that wants to join the criminal justice system to makesure they are clean and are without a criminal history. In additionto that, any official, for instance, a judge caught in a compromisingact is normally discharged from his or her duty. A body that has goodmanagement will always prosper and run its programs and activitieswell hence ensure that law and order are maintained. This is one wayof scrapping off unethical behaviors in the society and creating acommunity that has good morals. Good leaders also act as role modelsto the society.

In many of our courts today, the main aim is to ensure that theindividuals that are serving their sentences in jail come out asreformed citizens. This is usually done by employing correctivemeasures such as teaching them about the importance of keeping lawand order, how to be self-employed for example by equipping them withskills like tailoring and carpentry and giving them an opportunity toget an education too. Giving them this opportunity is a good way ofensuring they get out as changed people because they will haveunderstood the need to keep laws. The skills they learn help themearn a living for themselves hence no need to commit crimes likestealing. As we all know, education is very essential and as theylearn they become more open minded and more opportunities to besuccessful will come their way. All these measures are a clear waythat the criminal justice system can use to eradicate immoral acts inthe society (Rolf &amp David, 2012).

Another way of ensuring that unethical behaviors are dealt with isby setting up various punishments for law breakers like being jailedfor a certain period, doing community work or restraining orders.Through this, people in the society will have it in mind that thereare consequences for every law broken and this may instill fear inthose who might have plans of committing any crime. As a result,unethical behaviors are avoided because no one will want theirfreedom to be curtailed. Moreover, punishment is a form of instillingdiscipline in an individual. Therefore, they act as a way of changingone`s behavior to being a moral person.

The more people realize there are consequences for unethicalbehaviors they will strive to be better people to avoid serving asexamples to others. The justice system also takes into considerationthe rights of citizens like granting bonds and appeals to theaccused. The system has to follow the constitution to ensure justicefor all (Albert, 2012).


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