Peoplehave different views on life and the world’s origin. This processof coming to be or origination has led to many beliefs.Creationismis one such belief, and it is the topic of discussion in thisarticle.

refers to the beliefs that life and the world came to be as an act ofdivine construction (Sedley,2012).God is a supernatural being, who made everything. Creationists arepeople who believe this, and they base this from reading religiousmaterials such as the Bible and the Qur’an (Sedley,2012).&nbsp

is described in two forms of narratives in the Bible book of Genesiswhich are one- the Genesis creation narrative whereby God isdescribed to bring the world into being in six days, and He createsman and woman on the sixth day and placed them in Eden, a specialgarden. And two, the Genesis flood narrative where God destroys allof creation through a great flood but through Noah’s ark spares arepresentative of each species.

Thereare different types of creationism, and they include the theisticcreationism, young earth creationism, progressive creationism,intelligent creationism, design creationism and the gap creationism.All of these types show that life, the world, and all its formsoriginated from someplace and something.


Thetruth about the types of creationism mentioned above varies from oneperson to another, and according to what each one believes. Anargument on what belief is true or false is not necessary in thiscase as it only brings about a dispute. People are therefore entitledto believe in whatever they feel comfortable to think.


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