Cover Letter




Iam pleased to forward my application for the manager position ofpopulation health advertised on the University of Maryland BaltimoreWashington Medical Center website. I believe that my skills,experience, and talents match the specified requirements hence makingme an eligible candidate for the job.

Ipossess a Bachelor’s degree in nursing science and at the moment, Iam pursuing a Master’s degree in health nursing. I also have oversix years’ experience in the nursing field with proven expertise inthe management of patients and collaboration with other members ofstaff. I am an organized individual with highest levels ofprofessionalism, efficient in my line of work, calm and well equippedwith excellent healthcare abilities. I am highly motivated by theopportunity to provide quality care to patients as well as taking theleadership role to inspire other nurses for the improvement ofservices.

Atpresent, I am a registered nurse with a License from Colorado, U.S.Aand in my previous places of work I was tasked with the provision ofprimary care to patients with chronic and other critical illnesses inthe pediatric ward. Also, I was actively involved in the referral ofsevere cases to higher level facilities. Otherwise coordinating theworkforce as the team leader, my efforts were recognized asambitious, dedicated and reliable, without requiring supervision.

Besides,my three years’ experience as a staff nurse in the pediatricmedical and surgical unit at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal Hospital inSaudi Arabia was pivotal in helping me to gain relevant experience. Ialso implemented clinical responsibilities such as patient education,development of quality healthcare systems, participation in theQuality Assurance system, assessment of patient care quality,electronic data collection and a leadership role in charge of 16 bedsin the unit. My participation in the multidisciplinary medical teamof doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists and otherprofessionals paved the way for the implementation of what I hadacquired in my studies. Not only did I gain valuable skills andcapabilities but also contributed my ideas for which I was commendedhighly especially concerning the handling of complex situations andcommunication with patients and their families.

Throughoutmy nursing rotations, I have had the privilege of working in adiverse setting especially the intensive care unit, medical andsurgical sections. As such, I have accrued knowledge in healthpromotion programs for at-risk populations especially pediatrics andthe oversight of individual patient and community-centered services.Furthermore, my program administration capabilities will prove to bean effective match for this position.

Theopportunity to be part of your esteemed institution will bebeneficial in an interactive way since I would like to work in achallenging place where I can apply my abilities to the maximum. Ihope to hear from you, and I would like to tell you more about myselfin an interview.