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Ipass my greetings to you hoping that you are in good health. It is mypleasure to highlight to you that education for any growing state iscrucial to both the economic and social growth of a country.Therefore, there is a need to invest well in the education sector ina way that it does not harm the involved parties in any way. I wouldlike to bring to your attention that student loans are a significantchallenge to the university and college learners. Since thegovernment reduced the grants and services provided to thepostsecondary students, this forces them to go for loans. There areseveral issues concerning students’ loans but one major issue isthe challenge that learners face when it comes to the repayment ofthe credit (Chapman, 2016).

Inessence, there is a short period provided to the students betweengraduation and when they are supposed to start repaying their loans.After graduating, one is not guaranteed a well-paying job, and as onestruggles with life, letters from lenders start following them. Suchmakes their life stressful and lowers the worthy of their degrees(Collier, 2016). In this regard, it will be essential for your officeto change terms of students’ loan repayment to be in a manner thatone pays when they are financially stables.

Ona different note, I would also like to inform you that students takeloans without a clear understanding of the terms and conditions ofthe service, as well as other available options. Instances of highinterest rates for students’ loans are a matter of concern. It willbe critical for your office to address the issue to ensure learnerspay low interest rates. Besides, your office can also availinformation concerning other funding options other than loans. As acrucial national issue, I will appreciate if you address thehighlighted concerns regarding students’ loans.



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Collier, D. A. (2016)). Modifying the Federal Loan Guarantee Provision in the Higher Education Act of 1965. An Overview of Federal Loan Policies that Have Transitioned Higher Education from the Social Good., 9.