Communication and ethics

Communicationand ethics


Communicationand ethics

Alocal hospital

Aninternal communication strategy within an organization strives toachieve efficiency in communication across various departments.Effective internal communication in the local hospital helps incoordination of operations and fosters a good image[ CITATION Cam16 l 1033 ].The hospital employees feel motivated by internal communicationhence provide a foundation for the staff to make sense of theorganization. A positive communication strategy increases employees’trust, job satisfaction, and productivity[ CITATION Pag16 l 1033 ].

Externalcommunication within the hospital emerges from the excellent internalcommunication strategy. The hospital has well planned externalcommunication that aims at giving back to the society through variousprograms such as charities, donations, and supporting communitydevelopment projects[ CITATION Bor16 l 1033 ].The external communication practice has improved the image of thehospital by earning public trust and confidence[ CITATION Cow14 l 1033 ].Embracing an ethical communication strategy has worked out to theadvantage of the hospital as it promotes transparency with itsstakeholders and the general public.

Thehospital could bolster internal communication by reiterating theorganization’s mission and vision to ensure the unification ofemployees towards achieving a common goal. Additionally, the barriersof communication such as the top-bottom communication channel thatfilters information down to junior staff, must be eliminated[ CITATION Bor16 l 1033 ].As such, the hospital ought to encourage information sharing andcreate open dialogue through frequent meetings and engagements.

Inthe modern dynamic business world, both internal and externalcommunications are critical parameters in the success of anorganization. The improvement of external communication originatesfrom effective internal communication that manifests to the generalpublic[ CITATION Pag16 l 1033 ].The hospital could enhance external communication by ensuring promptand efficient customer service, engaging the public in sportingactivities and involvement in benevolent programs and developmentprojects within the society.


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