Commercialization in Schools

Commercializationin Schools


A)Channel One is a kids channel providing digital content and isfocused on encouraging the kids to be digital-savvy and informedcitizens. The channel provides a daily news program comprising ofeducational resources, a comprehensive video library that aims tohelp teachers, parents and students interpret the news or content ona daily basis and elicit important discussions and conversations.

B) The controversies surrounding channel one involve the introductionof commercials in the news programs, pop culture features as well asthe loss of instruction time in the school day. News and editorialcontent have also been featured as problematic features in thechannel.


Practicesused by school administrators and teachers that furthercommercialization of schools

Schooladministrators have developed inconsistencies in the management withthe introduction of new public management and organizationallearning. The changing roles and having a teacher oriented leadershiphas led to commercialization of schools.


A) SEM’s are School Enrichment Models that provide enrichmentprograms and aiming at developing the talents and strengths ofstudents. The objective is to apply the gifted education pedagogy forthe general improvement of schools.

B)Examples of SEM curricula

Theexamples are co-curricular activities such as sports as well asorganized talent shows.

c)They are widely used by teachers due to the effectiveness andefficiency in different educational settings and serving high-abilitystudents. The teachers always willingly use the models in diverseenvironments characterized by differences in ethnicity and social,economic situations.

D)The pro-environmental attitude by the youth has been counteredthrough raised concerns on environment linked to the youth. Thematerials focus on environmental attitudes, behaviors and beliefs.


a)Wholesome Halo

Involvesparents’ approval of hypermedia literacy that can integrate andengage the knowledge of the whole community.

B)Scholastic and PBS have ensured that programs being aired on localbroadcasting stations incorporate educational programs that targetthe kids. PBS has a kind of wholesome halo trusted by locals since ithas an inextricable image associated with educational value.