College Sexual Assault Reflection Paper

CollegeSexual Assault Reflection Paper

Collegerape is considered as a vice on the rise because of a number ofreasons that are not widely known. The level of the increase in casesof rape instances in college should be cause for concern, especiallyin the management of institutions of learning. According to Gray (1),college rape rose by 52% as reported by a government study. Thereasons for the rise can be attributed to both institutional factorsand personal issues of the victims. While there are personal factors,I think the lack of full commitment to the issue by institutions ismore significant in the cases of the vice in colleges.

Oneof the ways that institutions of higher learning contribute to theproblem is mishandling the cases reported. According to the victim ofsexual assault in the video, the university mishandled their sexualcases (TIME 1). Emma and the 22 victims filed a federal case becauseof the inactivity of the university to successfully handle the cases.As a result, there is no cause for deterrence to the would-beperpetrators would avoid.

Atthe same time, the lack of seriousness in handling such cases signalsa lower priority that universities and their managements place on thesocial issue. One of the issues that are not taken much moreseriously is the extent of sexual coercion in the universities andthe role it has on the cases of sexual assaults in universities. Inher lecture, Emily Nichols explains that sexual coercion as sexualharassment that people consider to be hard to report and handle. Ithink this is one of the issues not taken seriously. Gray argues thatadministrators have not focused on the impact of verbal pressure onsexual assault cases in universities in the United States (Gray 1).

MichiganState University has employed adequate measures that qualify theuniversity to be ready to handle sexual assault cases. One of themain ways the university has established is showing concern for thewell being of students, male and females alike. In my experience atthe campus, I have noticed a lot of concern from the administrationabout the welfare of the students. The administration keeps a profileof each student and has provided communication between the managementand the students

Moreimportantly, MSU has established administrative structures to act aspreventative measures. The preventive measures seek to deal withsexual assault cases, even before they happen. This is a way for theuniversity to be proactive, rather than reactive. One good example ofthe measure is having a counseling department where students canreport their issues and get psychological support. The measures seekto help students understand sexuality. The understanding buildspsychological factors like attitudes, emotionsand motivations, as well as social factors (Lecture Chapter 1).This will help would-be perpetrators to deal with their sexualimbalances before they escalate to extreme cases of raping others.The university has also set up clubs and activities for students tointeract and form a friendly environment. Another important measureis building a security structure that includes both the internaluniversity agents and the police. This makes the ladies feel secureat the campus and create a sense of confidence in the community. Thismakes MSU a university that has taken discernable measures to handleissues of sexual assault.


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