Cleveland Fitness Center

ClevelandFitness Center:


ProjectConcept and Strategy

Conceivinga project involves formulating a list of objectives to be achievedwithin a specified timeline. The formulation of these goals requiresconsidering all the stakeholder`s opinions and ideas before thecommencement of the project. This also includes selecting the projectteam based on the necessary skills for the smooth running of theproject. According to Meredith and Mantel (2009), project managementbegins with the initial concept for the project, an aspect which ismostly ignored. Notably, the CFC Phoenix project was not wellconceived on the ground that, the clients were not consulted to givetheir opinions on the changes or improvement they desire. Also,Capalaba Building Services should have been asked for a quote beforeTom Grant allocated funds for the project. Furthermore, choosing ofthe project manager was not given much importance Bob Jones waschosen as the project manager and yet he was skilled in financemanagement. “Little attention is accorded to the process ofselecting and encouraging those decided to manage a project”(Meredith &amp Mantel, 2009).

Thesetting of project objectives enables one to know how many resourcesto be allocated to the entire project, time to be taken to thecompletion of the project and be in a position to envision the finalresults. Cleveland`sprimary objectives were to expand the facility, add new services,and use modern technology in relating with the clients anddiversifying the types of equipment used. According to Meredith &ampMantel (2009), “the structure of the project should be welldesigned to attain the set objectives within the allocated time andcost.”

Fora project to succeed, the project team has to formulate a plan forthe set objectives to be accomplished in time. The strategy of thefacility was to use Capalaba Building Services to achieve theirtargets. Additionally, Jane Young developed an expenditure cash chartwhereby, 1 million was to be used for unpredicted occurrences, onemillion for investment during the first and the last months and 1.4million for an intervening period of ten months. Ideally, I wouldrecommend that the facility reviews their strategy and choose askilled project team or offer a brief training on how to strategizeand accomplish the project.

Ifa project is not performed as planned, the project personnel has tocome up with solutions with the aim of getting the project in on timeand within budget. According to Meredith &amp Mantel (2009), it isthe mandate of the projects key players to come up with a plan anddevelop procedures and techniques on how to handle the threat facingthe accomplishment of the project’s objectives. In this case, SallyGrant sought consultation services from Tim Brailsford of Brailsfordassociate to conduct a post-project appraisal. Meanwhile, Mark Grantlaunched a marketing strategy with an effort to regain their clients’loyalty.

Thereason why projects are done is to make a difference and attainbetter results. The Cleveland’ project was not a success it wasnot completed on time and the allocated budget. Furthermore, thefacility lost their customers instead of acquiring more clients.Success is measured based on time, cost and customers satisfaction.These factors are measured at regular intervals throughout theproject period.


Forsuccess to be attained in a project, defining the project scope is avery critical step. It entails requirements and deliverables orfeatures which are defined in the project`s work plan. Planning,controlling, and closing is the three processes which form projectscope management. According to Meredith and Mantel (2009), “theconcept of a project scope is more complex whereby, in addition totime, cost, and specifications, there is a fourth factor to beconsidered. This fourth element is the client’s expectation whichtends to increase as the project progresses known as scope creep”.Renovation entails making changes or improvements to an existingstructure such as a building or a room. From my perspective, theshowers, changing rooms, and the mezzanine offices were included inthe project with the aim of making the rooms more comfortable,improving on privacy and to accommodate more clients. Cleveland`sgoal of diversifying the facility was to attract more clients to thefacility and retain their current customers. Notably, the inclusionof these facilities in the project was a good idea especially if theproject was to be accomplished as planned.

Aproject statement entails what the project is all about. It is acritical part of a project outlining the expected results and theterm under which the project will be performed. Cleveland FitnessCenter will upgrade the facility by adding new services, go formodern high technology such as social media and use of web page, andincrease the range of equipment used. The aim of the project is toincrease the number of clients while retaining the current customers.The project will be complete within a period of eighteen months.

RiskIdentification and Management

Risksare inevitable in any project. If a potential risk is not identifiedearly, the project will be at risk to accomplish on time and as perthe allocated budget. As D&ampG commenced their work, they realizedthat the center had not made the appropriate decisions on theelectrical part of the project. Subsequently, they raised questionsand issues about the matter. Resultantly, Garry Jackson was chosen toaid in solving the problems. Moreover, D&ampG handed the procurementof electrical bus-bar and the connection points to the center`sproject team since they were more knowledgeable on the issue. Themanner in which D&ampG handled their risks was not efficient sincethe individuals to whom the duties were delegated to were not wellskilled. With regards to this, D&ampG should have offered a brieftraining or advice Pete and Garry on how to achieve their objectives.

Theproject manager, Bob Jones, was surprised by the budget amounting totwenty million dollars, three million more than what they hadbudgeted. Also, they were not expecting the local inspectionauthority to insist on the upgrade of the cooling system to meet thelatest environmental standards. Furthermore, the project took twoyears to reach a percentage of 85 percent of completion contrary totheir goal of accomplishing the project within a period of eighteenmonths. The center can expect to the loose majority of their clientsdue to broken trust, and they can be surprised by other gym centerssurpassing them regarding services and the number of clients. Toevade this, the project team should have given forethought on thecourse of action in case of delays or unexpected expenditure arisingin the process of the project.

ProgressMonitoring and Control

“Changesare inevitable in the course of any project” (Meredith &ampMantle, 2009). Several changes were made in the diversification planof the center. First, the project management responsibility initiallyheld by Bob Jones was transferred to Garry Jackson. Secondly, theelectrical fitting specifications were changed so as to increasecapacity. Finally, the cooling system had to be upgraded to meet thelatest environmental standards an aspect which initially was not inthe projects plan. Resultantly, these changes led to increasing incost and time set to accomplish the project.

Onrealization that the project will not be accomplished withinschedule, I would have removed unskilled project team members andreplace them with experienced ones. Additionally, I would haveadjusted my project scope to accommodate the upcoming changes.According to Meredith and Mantel (2009), an excellent project managervalidates and assesses the changes and come up with a solution.Furthermore, I will schedule frequent meetings with the project teamto determine if objectives are progressively being achieved withinthe set timeline.

Accordingto Meredith and Mantel (2009), “the project team should keep clear,detailed and timely records covering all the aspects of the projectfrom start to finish.” The center should have kept records on theprojects’ meeting changes made team guidelines and instructions,and the project schedule on how the center planned to accomplish itswork. The records should have been kept in files for future referenceand ease of access by the project team in the course of projectperformance.


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