Chromatography and Computer


Chromatographyand Computer

Section1: The Research Path

Inmy search for information about the use of the computer in Gas-LiquidChromatography, I started by looking for general information fromGoogle. In the first instance, I started by searching on how acomputer can be used to assist in the use of chromatography. Thesearch was general in the manner that it looked into possible ways inwhich computer and chromatography could be used together in anysphere of life. However, since my interest has always been in oil andgas, I decided to pick the option that was suggested for the use ofthe computer in Gas-Liquid Chromatography. In the event of settlingon the connection between a computer application and Gas-LiquidChromatography, I learnt that the use of the computer has been veryinstrumental in various fields of study, including in the oil and gasindustry. I learnt that computers are used to assist in theacquisition of data and subsequent analysis of such data inGas-Liquid Chromatography. I also searched on the use of the computerin data collection and data analysis not only in Gas–LiquidChromatography but also in other research ventures aboutChromatography. This would help achieve a broad-based research tounderstand the application of chromatography. Moreover, I venturedinto learning how people have used computer-assisted chromatographystudies in various scientific studies over time. From my research, Ifigured out the fact that online databases are vital in extracting avariety of research sources that assist in achieving a broad-basedresearch. Apart from general Google search, I proceeded with mychosen topic to Google Scholar where I found the specific source ofmy research on the application of computer in Gas-LiquidChromatography. The use of Google Scholar helped me to narrow mysearch to a single article that was less comprehensive and easy tocomprehend. Still, the source had lots of information and needed meto narrow down to the basics of my study.

Section2: Time Spent in the internet searches and writing

Imanaged to beat the deadline that was given for the research, whichis probably because I started the research immediately it wasallocated. Itwas also possible that the research was completed in good timebecause the search criteria I used was effective, hence, sorting ofsources was easier. Again, I owe the efficiency in doing the researchto the strong internet and the perfect condition of the computer Iused.However, the research was not entirely an easy sail because the topicwas quite general and needed the right choice of sources and thekeywords to key-in in the search engine. The right keywords were bothcritical in the general Google search and the search in GoogleScholar. Because the due date for the assignment gave sufficient timefor any average researcher, spending two hours in the analysis of thetopic of research and deciding on the right keywords to use instarting the search on the internet was good enough scheming. The twohours, however, still included visiting the internet and reading onthe meaning of chromatography and its various applications. This wasimportant because it assisted in understanding the possible linkbetween chromatography and computer. Another three hours of compilingthe research ideas and writing them down was an appropriate time tospend in the work, in fact, it was commendable that I did the wholeresearch within the same day it was issued yet the deadline was stilla day to go. Reading the work and correcting grammar and other commonmistakes took a few minutes, about 30 minutes to have the workcompleted.

Section3: Summary of the information researched and stating the reasons forthe sources chosen

Thesource selected was a study conducted by Gladney, Dowden &amp Swalen(1969) giving sufficient information about computer application inGas-Liquid Chromatography. It gave information illustrating the useof the computer in Gas-Liquid Chromatography is mainly in thecollection and analysis of data for discussion and drawing ofconclusion and inferences. The primary aim of the study in the sourcewas to give a suitable arithmetic capability for a Gas-LiquidChromatography practicable in a scientific laboratory. The researchis meant to provide a provision for Gas-Liquid Chromatographyinvolving Arithmetic in a research laboratory instead of the one donein Quality Control Analytical Laboratory. The use of computer provesvital in making easy conduct such a research in a researchlaboratory. The use of the computer in the research laboratory makesthe study more appropriate and easier. In this source, the advantagesof the use of the computer in initiating their research included thereduction of the time to be used in carrying out the research thiswould lead to obtaining more accurate results and cheaper costs. Theapplication in the collection and analysis of data is instrumental incollecting more appropriate data, and the organization of the datawould be easier. The search criteria I chose was inspired by theclassroom studies on the internet use in relation to effectiveresearch. The search criteria included aspects such as Sufficiency,Typicality, Accuracy and Relevance (STAR) as an effective approachtowards achieving a broadly informed research. Sufficiency meant thesources used must be able to give sufficient information about thetopic of research and Typicality means the authenticity of thesources or the representativeness of the sources to the topic underresearch. Again, accuracy meant the source selected would giveaccurate information about the topic of research and lastly relevancymeant the appropriateness of the source in giving information for usein the topic of research. The reason for choosing the source used isbecause it was elaborate enough and it was easy to understand besidesbeing that it was a quality and resourceful academic source. Inarrowed down to the one source after analyzing eight sources. Ilearnt that chromatography is important in various fields, includingforensic testing, drug testing, management of Ebola among others,including and not to the use of chromatography in the Gas industryinspired my research because it was an area of interest.

Section4: Reflection

Thecurrent assignment has played a vital role in inspiring me tounderstand that computers are probably the most important componentof the technology that makes research more manageable and lesscostly. Again, chemistry proves to be a meaningful subject for humansurvival this is true based on the role of chromatography in solvingimportant issues in the scientific field. The paper took me less timethan I planned to take, that was because I dedicated my time to thetask and I concentrated my interests in achieving the best.

Lastly,I did the assignment in such ensuring the information given in thispaper reflects on the main points of my study it was a challenge inthe beginning having to read a lot before actually starting theassignment. However, the variety of sources I read only contributedin making me understand the importance of chromatography and howcomputers are vital in research.


Gladney,H. M., Dowden, B. F., &amp Swalen, J. D. (1969). Computer-assistedgas-liquid chromatography. AnalyticalChemistry,41(7),883-888.