Character Analysis


TheCask of Amontillado(Montressor)

TheCaskof Amontillado isa famous book written by Edgar Allan Poe. The term Cask refers to abarrel. Hence, the title means a barrel of wine. The plot of the bookis about two main characters, Montresor and Fortunato, who areacquaintances, but one does not like the other. The essay below willsummarize the character traits of Montresor, the main character, whois also the narrator of the story.

CharacterTraits of Montresor: Strengths

Forstarters, Montresor proves to be an enticing character. For instance,when he meets his friend Fortunato, Montresor convinces him that hehas a lot of Amontillado at his home. Montresor knows very well thatFortunato’s favorite wine is Amontillado and will not hesitate toaccompany him once he hears the mention of the liquor. He goesfurther to tell his friend that he has the house to himself for thewhole day. Moreover, he insists that it would be fun for them tospend time alone and have some wine. He convinces Fortunato toaccompany him to the household through the he describes the plentifulwine and the big house.

Secondly,Montresor is also an attentive character. For example, he observesFortunato well enough to know that he is drunk and easy to lure tohis place. Additionally, for Montresor to have recognized thatAmontillado is the favorite wine of Fortunato, he surely must haveobserved him for quite some time. Another instance that showsMontresor is an observant character is the way he describedFortunato’s dressing code (Sova, 140). When he narrates how heplots to lure Fortunato to his home and kill him, he describesexactly the way Fortunato is outfitted. After Montresor had chainedFortunato to the wall to continue with what he was plotting, hecalled Fortunato’s name but got no reply. Thus, Montresor directedhis torch towards the wall to perceive what his friend was doing.


Amajor negative character trait of Montresor is that he ishypocritical. He pretends that he is a great friend of Fortunato butaccording to what he narrates, he is plotting to kill his friend. Hebrags about how he is intrigued to kill Fortunato and that he hasbeen planning it for quite some time. When Fortunato greets him, heaccepts his greeting wearing a warm smile. However, deep inside heknows how much he dislikes Fortunato. Nevertheless, when Fortunatofeels sick, Montresor pretends that he is concerned for his friend’shealth. When Fortunato begins coughing, Montresor playacts that he isworried about his friend. Instead, he the unwell Fortunato more wineto get him drunk and lure him to his house to carry out the devilishplan of killing his ally.

Anothernegative character trait of Montresor is that he is an immoralindividual. For example, the fact that Montresor is seriouslyscheming to kill his friend proves that he does not care abouthumanity. He further mocks and provokes Fortunato after chaining himto the wall and does not show any signs of remorse for his sinisteractions. In conclusion, Montresor’s house had catacombs beneath itand they had human bones. Though not clarified, these bones might bea proof that Montresor killed people in the past before he got to hisfriend Fortunato. This behavior depicts him as an immoral individual(Sova, 52).


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