Causes of Civil War

Causesof Civil War

Causesof Civil War: Laws enacted before 1850 concerning fugitive andsome of the issues these laws engendered

Lawsthat had a hand in ensuring that runaway slaves were returned totheir masters were present back in 1643. In the year 1705, New Yorkallowed the passing of laws that prevented slaves from fleeing toCanada (History para.1). Additionally, bounties were offered inMaryland and Virginia at the time, for the capture of runaway slaves.These examples provide a clue to the state of slavery that was inAmerica.

TheFugitive Slave Act of 1793 constituted laws that allowed for a masterto capture runaway slaves who were within the territories of the US(National Archives para.2). The retaking of runaway slaves wasfacilitated by the provision of ownership proof by the slaves’masters. The law was enacted to serve as a response to a conflictthat arose between Pennsylvania and Virginia, regarding thekidnapping of John Davis (National Archives para.2).

TheAct made it illegal to assist a slave to escape (National Archivespara.2). By the middle of the nineteenth century, slavery hadplagued the American Society, and the vice was dividing the countryinto the Northerners and the Southerners. The Northerners wereanti-slavery while the Southerners were pro-slavery. Antislaverysentiments among the Northerners went on between the 1780s and 1790s,and this prompted the development of petitions by the northerners tothe Congress seeking the abolishment of slavery (History para.3).

Reaffirmationof the contents of the 1793 Act in court cases that involved slaveryindicated that slave owners had full rights to claim their slaves.Such like court case decisions erupted protests among slaveryopponents and, the aftermath was the development of resistance plusthe inception of laws and policies against slavery. The outcome wasthat the process of retaking fugitive slaves became costly andchallenging.


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