Case Study, Stage 3 EHR Technology Solution Proposal

CaseStudy, Stage 3: EHR Technology Solution Proposal

CaseStudy, Stage 3: EHR Technology Solution Proposal

Theessay discusses an effective EHR technology solution for the UMUCFamily Clinic. The selected solution is ABELMed EHR-EMR/PM. Thetechnology solution enhances the patient visit process and thegeneral health care environment.

1.EHR System

a.Product: ABELMed EHR-EMR/PM

b.Version: 12

c.Vendor: ABEL Medical Software, Inc.

d.CHPL Product Number: CHP-024464 (Certified Health IT Product List,2016)

ABELMedEHR-EMR/PM is an effective EHR technology solution that enhances thepatient visit process. The health technology enhances practiceefficiency. Therefore, the health professionals engage with thepatients and treat them effectively and efficiently. The quality ofhealth care is improved by the streamlined prescriptions. Medicationsare quickly recorded, and the prescription renewals are easilyrenewed. Lab results are processed electronically. The patient,therefore, receives a quick diagnosis. The ABELMed portal enhancescommunication between the health professionals and the patients. Textand email communications are sent to patients to indicateappointments. Patients easily view their medication or prescriptionlists through the secure ABELMed portal account (ABELMed Inc., 2016).

2.Hardware, Software, and Communications

ABELMedEHR-EMR/PM health technology requires a computer hardware, computeroperating system and supporting software, and communications network.All the health professionals have been given laptops. The laptop isthe hardware that will enable the health professionals to install anduse the ABELMed EHR-EMR/PM solution. The software that will beinstalled in the computer are First Databank, Microsoft SQL Server,and EMR Direct phiMail Server (Certified Health IT Product List,2016). The communication system is the internet. The clinic has Wi-Fiinstallation that gives unlimited internet access.

3.Hosting the EHR System

TheABELMed EHR-EMR/PM solution operates as Software as a Service (SaaS)through the internet. Cloud computing through the internet enablesthe health professionals to store a lot of information safely. Cloudcomputer ensures data safety because data cannot be lost. Cloudcomputing also enhances data security because all data files arepassword protected. Only authorized health professional and patientscan access information through the cloud computing platform.

4.How the EHR System Enhances Health Care

TheABELMed EHR-EMR/PM technology improves the health care experience.The Clinical Decision Support (CDS) enables health professionals tomake proper health decisions that improve care quality. Thetechnology generates alerts that notify the health staff about thehigh-priority conditions for example, cancer and diabetes. Patientvisit process is improved by the patient portal. The portal enablespatients to request for medical services electronically forinstance, request appointments, check prescription and updatepersonal information. Financial management is improved by the system.Billing data is entered once. Diagnostic and financial codes arerecorded at each encounter to improve billing accuracy. Electronicinvoices are generated and managed seamlessly (ABELMed Inc., 2016).


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