Case Study Analysis Oasis of the Seas

CaseStudy Analysis: Oasis of the Seas

The Oasis of the Seas case study presents the core problem that isthe lack of a proper cruise customer segment that will providemaximum profits for the company. The organization has to analyzevarious marketing conditions to determine how they will maximizetheir profits through the selection of a proper customer segment.Various issues from the case study are essential in determining thecrucial customer segments that the organization should adopt. Firstof all, less than 20% of the entire American population has been onthe cruise (Ethan, n.d.). For instance, in 2009, only 59 millionpeople out of 296 million had been on the cruise showing that it is aviable market (Ethan, n.d.). Secondly, the cruise ship is seen as aluxury vacation that the clients might want to undertake once ortwice during their lifetime. That shows the need to focus on thericher people in the entire US population. Thirdly, nearly 34 millioncustomers that make up about 77% of the past cruisers are morewilling to cruise in a period of the next three years again (Ethan,n.d.). These three key points are effective in determining the viablecustomer segment that the cruise should target.

More importantly, the Oasis of the Seas should choose the Escaperscustomer segment that is more viable. For instance, it is made up ofthe middle-class people that are tired of the work-related stress andwant to get away from all the pressure in the city. In fact, thegroup makes a desirable segment and probably the core of the cruisemarket. They are&nbspjust looking at a place that is peaceful andfree from any traffic jams and a hectic workplace. Hence, the Oasisof the Seas should focus on this segment since it makes a large groupof the American population and the past cruisers.


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