Business-to-consumer (B to C) Advertising

Business-to-consumer(B to C) Advertising

Business-to-Consumer(B to C) Advertising

Consumerpurchases often take less time for an impulse buy or some weeks toshop for a particular product. Consumers also anticipate getting somebenefits while making the purchases. In that regard, effective B to Cmarketers comprehend this aspect and develop operations to relate tothe customer mindset. As such, they use discount offers, storefronts,the Internet, and direct marketing to convert the potential shoppersinto actual buyers. The B to C marketing strategy is mainly utilizedby the food and beverage companies.

Starbucksis one such company using social media to entice consumers. With analready active brand, customers are drawn by the continuous advertsin social media among other Internet platforms. The Starbucks PumpkinSpice Lattes advert is one familiar example. The advert is normallyreleased at the end of the summer. It marks the end of summer. Thatis an iconic drink that has sold over 200 million PSLs since itsinception back in 2003. The major goal of the company is to implorethe consumers to mark the end of summer in style. The drink alsotargets a broad scope, that is, all age groups, especially, scholarswho are going back to school [ CITATION Meg161 l 1033 ].

Starbuckscreated a social buzz, while launching this product, to ensure allthe consumers were aware. The advert with names inscribed onStarbucks products also drew customers. In this ad, instead ofpurchasing a Latte or Mocha written on the products, one can buy adrink that has his/her name. In that case, more consumers are drawninto acquiring the respective drink since it has their names. Theadvertisement is also persuasive providing real accurate info aboutcurrent situations. In other words, at the start of the advert, itdepicts the current conditions surrounding the human nature regardingnaming.

Peopleare often busy and may not refer to one another by names. Instead, IPaddresses and codes have become the standard feature. Nevertheless,the ad creates an atmosphere that reminds the consumer the vitalityof his/her name. People like to see their names on different avenueslike newspapers, magazines, and TVs. Therefore, developing a productwith someone’s name on it entices the consumer to purchase it.Moreover, placing them on the customer’s favorite drink heightensloyalty.

Theintensive utilization of social media is also quite evident in thepumpkin spice latte (PSL). On Twitter, the #PSL racked up 56.8million tweets after its launch. At one point, it got 5,076 tweetsper minute. In general, the ads met the anticipated goals whileaddressing the target market. They also managed to entice the loyalconsumers as well as new customers to try out the products. Theability to create a humane feeling through inscribing of the namesalso attracted more consumers [ CITATION Meg161 l 1033 ].

Business-to-Business(B to B) Advertising

TheB to B transaction exists between businesses e.g. a relation betweenthe wholesaler and retailer or manufacturer and wholesaler. Adverts,in this case, are directed to the consumers with the intention ofgetting large-scale purchases of the product or service. A goodexample can be drawn from Cisco. In its ad “Internet of everythingcommercial,” the company managed to reach many customers. It mainlytargets networking companies across the globe who use Ciscoequipment. Furthermore, the advert targets the entire population whomay want to utilize Internet platforms to undertake their dailyactivities. It was one of the top most adverts in 2014 that remindedpeople about the versatility of technology [ CITATION Dav13 l 1033 ].

Thoughthe network provider may seem to be less enticing, it attracts over33,000 subscribers on YouTube with approximately 5m video views. Ithas a massive following on this platform. The company’s success isalso because it uploads quite a number of videos on a daily basis.The videos are rich in content for learners, network administrators,and other individuals enticed by technology. The content is quitebroad and includes presentations from events, product demos, andQ&ampAs. As such, it becomes useful to the customers. Furthermore,it is a sales tool that can entice more viewers. Apart from YouTube,it uses media such as Facebook and blogs to promote leadership. Itstrives to educate and engage the corporate audience across variousissues, driving SEO and buzz visibility as a whole [ CITATION Dav13 l 1033 ].

Theadvert also shows the association of different aspects within thehome i.e. the cat, kid, purchasing of the milk, and parking lotdetection among others. All these elements are involved in makingwork easier. They exemplify how the Internet has made the job easier.As such, innovators can use the knowledge to devise their technology.The ad persuades consumers on the need to embrace technology andincorporate it in their daily undertakings. The whole ad can behumorous to some degree, and one can comprehend that fact towards itsend. In general, the Internet of everything commercial exemplifiescompleteness needed in for the B to B marketing to be successful.


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