Borrowed Theory in Nursing


BorrowedTheory in Nursing

Borrowedtheories in nursing are crucial in providing knowledge and skills tothe nurses and management for efficient nursing operations (McCrae,2012). For example, nursing models were borrowed from otherdisciplines on how to organize and manage a nursing system. Modelsare prepared for businesses like companies or other investments. Thebusiness models comprise of decision-making processes, objectives orgoals, strategies, SWOT analysis among others. The criterion that isused to create a nursing model is similar to that of any other model.The models have the decision-making processes that assist inproviding proper medical care to the sick people. The knowledge ofdetermining how to make better decisions is also acquired fromecology, psychology, education and sociology. Nurses get involved indecision-making processes a similar way done in other organizationsand institutions where employees get involved. The nursing managerscan make sound decisions for efficiency in delivering excellentservices (Alligood,2014).

Awell strategic plan is organized by the coordinators allocatingvarious the duties to the workforce within the nursing system. Itbecomes easier for every nurse to operate efficiently by followinghis or her set duties. In the strategic plan, all the materials,apparatus and machines required for the operation are listed forprocurement. Every nursing care center has a mission, vision, andgoals (Alligood,2014). The aim is to provide recommendable and desired nursingservices to the patients. There is a use of data analysis where thedata is classified according to the identified illness and can beused to predict possible future outcomes.

Whencreating a nursing model the strengths, weakness, opportunities, andthreats are clearly indicated like any other organizational model fordaily and future nursing operations (McCrae, 2012). In conclusion,the borrowed information is essential in nursing because patients canobtain quality health without struggle because of availability ofskilled nurses.