Born to Buy Response to Questions

Bornto Buy: Response to Questions

Bornto Buy:

Describein some detail how marketing researchers are intrusively observingkids to better know what and how to sell to them (include severalexamples).Also, briefly comment on what you think of these techniquesfrom an ethical perspective.

Marketerssurvey and observe children to know what type of goods they desire.They trick them with their desires to pressure their parents to buythem the products, for example, Mary Prescott, who is an ethnographicdata gatherer, interviewed a five-year-old child and observed howthey acted (Schor, 2004). The children are enticed by the small giftsthat marketers give them. Marketers exploit young ones and use sneakymethods to sell goods to them. This is unethical since the childrendo not know what is right and wrong besides, they have no consent ofwhatever they are doing.

Explainhow kids themselves are working for marketers, helping with theirresearch (include why kids do it)

Theyare tricked by marketers to work for them since they do not have theconsent to what is right and wrong. They are given the things theylove most such dolls and video games. For example, the writer talksabout marketers paid $30 to each “cool” kid so that they couldinfect the other kids with POX. This was a video game the marketerswere selling (Schor, 2004). Therefore, some kids do it for money andothers do it to match up with level of the rest (cool kids). Mostkids are enticed by their desire for something and that is why theypressure their parents to them.

Describehow marketers are using science and technology –for example,neuromarketing- “to get inside consumers ‘heads”(p.111).Also,briefly comment on what you think of the morality of these practices.

Marketersuse methods such as filming kids in their daily lives doing variousactivities so they can market the goods to them (Schor, 2004). Theydocument brain images in accordance with different pictures ofvarious goods and show children at the school places.

Describehow extensive and pervasive marketing research has become, even beingconducted during school time

Marketersadvertise their products in schools using the students and even theadministrators. Some marketers agree to give students discounts oreven free products if they buy their products before going to school.Schools also enter into contracts with large companies to be providedfor with their products if they let them advertise in theirinstitutions (Schor, 2004). Some marketers also give the schoolSponsored Education Materials so that they can enhance theirreputation and earn more customers.

Explainsome of the major “ethical lapses” (p114) that all involved withall these practices.

Somemarketers’ goal is to sell more products in a bid to earn. They donot seem to mind the manner in which they are selling their goods aslong as their main objective and goal is accomplished. Some marketerssell harmful products, which may cause illness to other people but inturn benefit others (Schor, 2004). They aim at benefiting many peopleeven though they are causing harm to others. Marketers should aspireto benefit the people in the society and should treat everyonefairly. It is unethical for them to use children as their means ofadvertisement, as well as promoters for their goods and services.


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