Book Review



AnIntroduction to Policing (8th. Ed.),

Thepublication by Dempsey and Frost&nbsp(2015) AnIntroduction to Policing(8th.Ed.),provides an insight concerning critical issues that face policing incontemporary society. The edition just like the previous versions iseducative and informative. This paper seeks to review the book andits effectiveness for this course.

Theauthors begin the first chapter by presenting facts about policehistory and organization in the United States. Based on thehistorical information presented, it is imperative for students whoaspire to be part of the policing department to gain knowledgeconcerning the history of their future career. The familiarity actsas a basis for making current and even future decisions. In addition,it offers an understanding of the profession from a historicalperspective which is still relevant even in the contemporary workenvironment.

Theauthors also introduce critical information concerning the personalside of policing. Dempsey and Frost are law enforcement veterans withwidespread knowledge in diverse areas of policing. The authorstherefore, present an introspective perspective of the profession.Dempsey and Frost&nbsp(2015) argue that students need to comprehendwhat it means to be a police, what roles they perform and how thefunctions are to be executed. According to Dempsey and Frost&nbsp(2015),policing requires individual commitment, dedication and sacrifice.Additionally, the book highlights the personal struggles that thepolice experience such as stress. By informing students about whatpolicing entails, it can be argued that the book tries to eliminatethe misconceptions that learners may have concerning what thepractice involves. The information can therefore, assist students todevelop a realistic perspective of their careers.

The book also covers major challenges that law enforcement officialsface when performing their duties. The authors scrutinize currentissues and topics such as homeland security and the issue terrorism.The theoretical approaches and solutions offered by the authors canbe useful in combating the difficulties that face society today. Inthe recent months, for instance, the country has witnessed a seriesof events that depict a problematic situation in the department ofpolicing. A case in point is the shooting of Black American men.Additionally, terrorist activities such the Orlando incident andrecently in New York, display the many challenges that policecontinue to experience. The information provided by the authors istherefore significant primarily in the wake of the numerous hitchesthat face the police department.

The book is also very comprehensive in the sense that it does notonly discuss policing in large jurisdictions, but rather incorporatesthe rural and small departments. It is evident that not all studentswill work in big cities and states. As a result, it is vital toeducate them on policing in smaller regions.

Theideas presented in the edition are relevant to the subject of socialstudies and issues that affect society. The book deliberates oncentral topics such as ethics, which is a common area of discussionin social studies. I think that the book is good for this class. Foremost, we cannot ignore the significant contribution of policingin ensuring that sanity exists in our communities. The book istherefore important to the class because it will provide material formatters that affect police and the manner in which such concerns canbe resolved. Secondly, the book can instigate critical thinkingamong learners essentially those who want to be law enforcementofficers in the future.

In conclusion, the eighth edition of the book Introductionto Policing,is a useful resource for this study. As a result, I would recommendits incorporation as part of the readings used in this unit.


Dempsey,J and Frost, L. (2015). AnIntroduction to Policing(8th. Ed.). Cengage Learning.