Black Lives Matter

BlackLives Matter

BlackLives Matter is a movement that was established in order to addressthe injustices directed towards people of color and specifically theblack. The primary aim for existence of the movement is to addressthe issue of inequality particularly with regards to brutality by lawenforcement agencies intentionally targeting the black community fordemise and additionally other factors such as class, race andprivilege.

Tobegin with, the condition of racial profiling is a social problemthat discriminates a specific minority group in particular the blackand how they are perceived and treated by the society based on themisconceptions and prejudgments directed towards them that limittheir rights and freedom and creates a sense of oppression and bias.This thoughts culminate viewing of the black community as beingundesirable hence intentionally targeting them for oppression.

Consideringthat, for example the shooting of unarmed black people by the lawenforcement agencies and failure of the judicial systems to undertakelegal actions on the perpetrators of the injustices clearly depictsthe social problem. This has resulted to deterioration of therelationship between the minority community and the state hencebreeding negative feelings and hatred.

Thesocial problem generally is of importance and needs thoroughattention since day by day it’s constantly spiraling downwards andworsening. Considerate and swift actions needs to be put in place tomitigate the situation in order to avoid more loss of life on part ofthe community and the law enforcement officers respectively and alsofoster good relations in the society with a view of securing thesociety in unison from all the stakeholders.

Inconclusion, the only way to address the problem is to amend the lawsand policies so that they include equality and protection of all toavoid selective application and foster respect and fair treatment.