Black Lives Matter Protests

BlackLives Matter Protests

BlackLives Matter (BLM) is a movement that is composed of internationalactivists, who are against all the forms of violence and racism thatare engineered towards the black people globally. This paper will putemphasis on the current efforts to address the situation, the actionsthat should be taken, how they can be communicated, as well as theirevaluations.

Currently,there is a prejudice against the black people, where some of them endup being brutally killed by the police and other law enforcementofficers. There are diverse races in the world especially, in theUnited States, who are not equally treated, and thus people ofdifferent color suffer the most from various vices. The movement hasorganized demonstrations to protest the killing of the AfricanAmericans that started in 2013. Since then, it has gained fameglobally hence, attracting several people who are after ensuringthat there is racial justice.

Definitionof Problem

TheBLM has identified the existing problem, between the blacks andpolice, which lead to random shooting and brutal killings. It is notclear what the intention of such killings is but whichever the casethis is very inhuman because if there is a genuine reason to do so,then the law should take its course. Currently, there are notableevents and demonstrations, in the United States, which aresuperheaded by most local organizations to show that even the blackpeople are also human beings, who should be equally treated as Whiteones. Whenever a black person is shot dead, this lobby calls forunrest to make the leaders aware of what is happening at thegrassroots. This is because, in most instances, the police turnagainst the people who they are supposed to safeguard. Such a lobbyhas also pressured the top officials, like the presidentialcandidates, to publicly state their stand regarding the BLM topic toknow who are against these inhuman activities.


BLMhas many objectives, which should be addressed to minimize andfinally stop the US police force abuses towards the blacks. It planstowards making of certain laws that will ensure that the policeofficers, who use deadly force, are reported and actions takenagainst them. This is because the accused have been shooting thevictims even in circumstances where they are not armed. It is aserious misconduct that should be independently investigated anddisciplinary actions taken against the law breakers. The officersshould be compelled to wear the body cameras that will track alltheir operations hence, provide evidence whenever they engage inunlawful acts. Similarly, they will be trained appropriately on howto arrest the lawbreakers using any other methods other than themilitary equipment. Likewise, the police departments shouldincorporate different races to they serve various communitieseffectively (BBC, 2015).

Thestrategies and tactics used include the peaceful demonstrations toshow the seriousness of this subject. However, the method is changingof late, and the protestors have started to block the highways as ameans of increasing the visibility of this wing as well as decreasingthe risks that they are likely to face, such as being massacred bythe police (Catucci, 2016). The internet and media have played acentral role in garnering the support of other activists. The socialsites, like Facebook and Twitter, were used to spread the message tonumerous people and make sure that the impact is felt by the offlineworld. The media, through the famous singers, have produced songsfeaturing the slogan of the movement thereby sensitizing more men andwomen into give backing up this his movement.

Thetarget audience incorporates the African Americans as they are theones who face the humiliation from the law officers. Nonetheless, thegroup is open to all the individuals including the Whites, who feelthat they cannot put up with these actions anymore. Consequently,this will be a clear indication that all people are important despitetheir skin color and should be exposed to equal rights.

TakingAction and Communicating

Thecommunication of the Black Lives Matter issue was expressed both inwords and actions. After the spread of the message, through theinternet and social media, people joined hands to end such racism.The opinions given by different groups are polarized so that thesecurity agents can take care of all the people appropriately. Someother camps led by the Whites have helped communicate the agenda tothe relevant authorities. In Minneapolis, the white group was used topass the message that the case of the Jamar Clark, who was killed, bereopened and assigned to an independent prosecutor, who would ensurethat the culprit faces the law. Likewise, it helped in passing theinformation on the exploitative labor conditions towards the blackand some of the whites at the Target Field, which is under theCatholic Workers (Anglada, 2016).

Thestrategic communication employed includes a blueprint that willcreate a visibility of the work of the party, how the goals andvision will be manifested, and the approaches to be used in thedialogues. Public relation is imperative because this is the only waypeople will measure their actions and offer help where appropriate.This explains why the group is open to all races, and why memberscooperate in making the police accountable for their actions and comeup with opinions on how the situation can be rectified (Bhambhani,2016).


Thereis no properly defined rubric on how the success and results of themovement can be evaluated. However, there are those individuals whocan provide information on how the condition is on the ground. Thecampaign can work hand in hand with the blacks, who are at the centerof oppression, and interviews them to know if the situation haschanged in any manner. Black people can provide reliable feedbackbecause all the corrupt activities, which attract the formation ofthis organization, are geared towards them. Positive results fromthem mean that the impact of BLM has been felt in different partswhere the impact of discrimination was high.

Likewise,the activists can make a follow-up to the issues raised formally toknow how far they have been attended to. For instance, some of theobjectives of the group were put forward to different authorities forconsiderations. Their implementation is a step forward towards thefavorable outcome and the equality of all the ethnic tribes in thestate. As we approach the election period, some of the aspirantshave declared their stand on the BLM matter and vowed to address theissue once they take over the office. This is a significant boosttowards racial balance. These candidates have taken their time toanswer the questions asked by the activists a sign that the movementis expertly prepared, and its agenda is clear and precise. Once theirobjectives are implemented, BLM will have completed its mission.


TheBLM Movement has done its best in raising the awareness of the brutalkillings that are carried out by the police officers towards theAfrican Americans. There are conditions where such acts can bepermitted, but they should not target unarmed and innocent citizens.Police officers are the same people who are supposed to ensure thatsuch actions do not take place by offering equal service to allindividuals but instead, they are the ones involved in such uglyincidents.

Theorganization has made proper use of technology by utilizing thesocial media to mobilize hundreds of thousands of people to getinvolved in the protests, which are held in the main highways offamous towns. This approach spreads the message quickly to themajority of the targeted audience thus, the organization of thewalkouts can take place within seconds. In particular, Twitter canreach people across the world in less than an hour therefore, theorganizers have no challenges in informing their followers of thecurrent plans. The fame of BLM has intensified as it has takenadvantage of the election campaigns to force the leaders to declaretheir stand concerning the brutal killings from the police officers.To make sure that they get many votes, most of them, specificallyClinton has given the attention required and addressed the issue in apersonal capacity. This clearly shows that they are acutely aware ofthe situation and can do everything possible to solve the currentcrisis.

Communicationis indispensable in connecting the operations of the BLM. Once theinformation is passed across to the crowd, demonstrations followbecause their agenda is already known. All ethnicities are involvedin the movement, and this has helped build the movement’s publicrelations thereby drawing the attention of others activists with thesame interest.


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