Bipolar Depression



Bipolardepression is a disorder that affects one`s mood, thinking, andenergy which leads to their dangerous shifts.

Treatmentof bipolar depression using the following models

  1. Biological Model

It`saimed at establishing the physical source of the problem to determinethe course of therapy to undertake medicines. Concerning Ramon, Iwould treat him using the following therapies considering the levelof severity of the condition: psychosurgery, electroconvulsivetherapy and last but not least drug treatment- antianxiety drugs,antidepressant drugs, antibipolar drugs and antipsychotic drugs.

  1. Psychodynamic Model

It`sa model that tries to analyze one`s psychological force relating toemotions and feelings to determine their relation to pastexperiences. To treat Ramon using this model, I would put him underpsychotherapy treatment to ascertain the cause of the problem in caseit becomes more complicated.

  1. The Behavioral Model

Thismodel focuses on the behavior of the patient that would help improvethe practice and subsequently lead to a decrease in stress. The modelcan treat Ramon by prescribing a cognitive behavioral therapy thataim at contributing to learning and cope with the stress andemotions.

  1. The Cognitive Model

Themodel aims at trying to learn and comprehend the patterns of moodshifts and subsequently modify and alter them. The model can be usedto treat Ramon by including the use of psychotherapy which willeducate him and increase knowledge on the problem, equipping him withself-regulation and self-monitoring techniques and lastly adherencemanagement to take control of the condition and mitigate its effects.

  1. The Humanistic- Existential Model

Themodel aims at incorporating self-acceptance, personal value, andindividual choice together with self-determination and individualgrowth all with the goal of personal growth and progress. The modelcan be used to treat Ramon by highlighting the need forself-actualization and growth and also guiding him to find thoughtfulways when encountered with anxiety.

  1. The Socio-Cultural Model

Thismodel aims at explaining how interactions and cultural activitiesplay a role in influencing the psychological development. This modelcan treat Ramon`s condition in that it will establish pastexperiences that could have played a role in the condition andprescribe an appropriate remedy such as mental therapy that wouldimprove interpersonal relations and enhance self-acceptance andvalue.