Best teacher I ever had

Bestteacher I ever had


Ofall teachers in the world, I would talk about my mathematics teacher,Mr. Randal. He is unforgettable. His love, dedication and the extrahelp he offered to me raised not only my grades but also myself-esteem. He taught me of what came to be one of my best subject,mathematics, in my 9th grade. To start with, I never used to scorewell in maths, in fact to me, it all seemed to be like rocket science(Chardiet, Maccarone, &amp Karas, 2011). The worst thing was I hadto cope with the subject since it was compulsory.

Mr.Randal had his way of teaching. He taught with a lot of passion andcompassion. Mr. Randal would enter the classroom wearing a big smileon his face, and that would cheer me up. He would make sure that hispace was the same as that of ours, leaving no one behind. It washelpful since I was able to recall the information. I was able tochange my perception of the subject and inch by inch I starteddeveloping an interest in mathematics.

Interestingly,Mr. Randal had no room for discriminating his poor students. Heshowed love and cared for all of his students. He would go the extramile to make sure that students struggling in maths like me acquiredall the necessary assistance we required to succeed in his class. Mr.Randal`s help and motivation boosted me, and I got good grades. Hewould always remind me that I could do better and thus build myconfidence in the subject. The more he gave us his hand, the more Ibecome proficient, and finally, I was awarded for being a top-scorerin mathematics.

IfI were to be a teacher, I would like to be like Mr. Randal. He wasnot only a teacher but also a mentor. He was always there at my beckand call whenever I had a problem even if it did not concernmathematics. He was the epitome of peace, courage, and kindness andthat makes me carry him in my heart all through. If all teacherswould be like him, I doubt the possibility of there being childrenwho hates going to school.


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