Benefits of Joining the United States Army

Benefitsof Joining the United States Army

Benefitsof Joining the United States Army


  1. Introduction: a) History of the United Sates Army

b)Background Information

c)Relevance of the essay

d)Thesis Statement: The U.S. military is beneficial to employeesbecause it offers them enormous benefits like job security, handsomecompensation, physical fitness, and admiration from other citizens.

  1. Discussion

  1. Benefits of enrolling in the United State Army

  1. Provision of Job Security (Salm, 2011).

  2. Assurance of Monthly and Annual Income and Allowances

  3. Availability of Retirement Benefits

  1. Development As An Individual

  1. Acquisition of essential life skills and knowledge (Salm, 2011).

  2. Maintenance of perfect health

  3. The procurement of ideal diversified relationships

  4. The power to discover self (Pitre, 2013).

  1. Attainment of the Most Reliable Social Interaction Skills and Techniques

  1. Promotion of personal discipline

  2. Ability to lead healthy and happy lives

  3. Serves as perfect gate away from work and other routines

  1. Enjoyment of social privileges

  1. Pride (Gubata et al., 2013).

  2. Respect

  3. Universal love and loyalty

  1. Risks of joining the United States Army


b)Risk of fatal injuries (Pitre, 2013).

c)Risk of death (Gubataet al., 2013).

d)The fear of identity theft

e)Military conspiracies (Spenser,2014).

f)Marginal sacrifices

g)Family separation (Gubataet al., 2013).

  1. Conclusion:

  1. of the significances of enrolling in the U.S. Army

  2. Thesis restatement

  3. Personal Opinion

  4. Closing remark


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