Autobiographical Description


WhenI was young, I found myself different from other children of the sameage group. I would later be diagnosed with a learning disorder, whichprompted instructors to give me an individualized educational modeland program. I believe that being diagnosed with a special learningdisorder gave me the thrust to undertake studies in behavioral andpsychological sciences. Consequently, I decided to specialize inchildren with both learning and behavioral challenges. After spendingyears doing individualized studies, I developed the desired capacityto participate in a normal classroom thus, I resumed my studies andsoon participated competitively with fellow students.

Mystudies are underpinned by an undergraduate course from the FloridaState University, in Applied Behavior Analysis. The undergraduatestudies gave me an opportunity to appreciate key developmental andbehavioral issues, to offer diagnosis through one-one-oneengagements, and to develop the knowledge needed to tackle behavioralchallenges in people. Fast forward, in my first job placement, as acounsellor and social worker, I was able to gain the necessaryexperience and exposure in conducting cognitive behavioral therapies.I was also able to interact with a large pool of professionals,gained practical knowledge, and insight on how to handle cases ofbehavioral, psychological, and developmental disorders.

Myinterest and passions is to interact with people, to learn theirexperiences, and to share across multi-disciplinary platforms. Myexposure, in both undergraduate and Masters Studies, has enabled medevelop a muscle, a unique resilience, and the push to enter newenvirons and to continuously challenge myself. I believe that it isthrough challenging one’s abilities and milestones that real changecan be achieved

Mycareer aspiration is to be in a position to offer both psychodynamicand psychoanalytic therapies. I look forward to developing thenecessary academic and professional qualifications to work in aplatform that will expose me in the above mentioned fields. Animportant part of my career and life aspirations is to assist theunder-served regions these refer to individuals and persons who aresuffering from various addictions and behavioral disorders, but lackthe necessary resources to seek professional advice. Growing up witha learning disorder, I also want to be of significant help to earlychildhood development. I want to achieve this by extending knowledgein behavioral psychology to help students struggling with reading,comprehension, writing and literacy levels.

Ina recap, I aspire is to change the world and to o act as a model forstudents and psychology practitioners across different platforms inthe future. I want to gather the necessary knowledge, training,expertise, and information to be recognized as one of the mostprolific practitioner of the 21stcentury. The future of psychology and behavioral therapy issignificant considering that the rate of drug and substance abuse ison the rise among different populations. I believe that my education,in psychology, prepares me for a highly challenging career, butnonetheless I am prepared to be an instrument of change, in way thatis both beneficial to the society and the entire world.