Artistic Work


Another Sioux Chief


Theartwork that is analyzed is by Fritz Scholder. The title of theartwork is AnotherSioux Chief.The artwork is presented in the American section of the Phoenix ArtMuseum. Scholder developed the artwork in 1979. The medium used indeveloping the artwork is oil on canvas (Phoenix Art Museum, 2016).


Theartwork shows an image of a Native American man in traditionalregalia. The art was made using different oil paints on a canvasplatform. The oil painting style used by the artist is minimalism.The painting approach demonstrates simplicity (eBay, 2016). Scholderpaints only the important areas. The background of the image is justlight blue. The image of the man has minimal features because theface is not shown. Basic Native American regalia are shown in theimage for example, images of headgear and simple footwear.

Thecomposition of the art piece is diverse. Scholder used several lines,colors, textures, light, and space. Vertical lines are used indrawing the legs and the arms. Curves lines indicate the waist gearand the head wear. Thick black lines are used in showing the hair.The image is attractive because of the application of several colors.The brown color shows the skin tone, and the black color is used toindicate the hair of the person. Light blue color is used in thebackground to enhance focus and visibility of the Native Americanimage. The light blue color also denotes space. The texture in theimage is represented by thick lines that are close. All the shapesused in the painting are irregular. This is because the image lackssymmetry. The image of the dark shadows for example, are irregular.

Scholderhas used principles of design in the artwork. There is balance in theartwork because the image of the Native American is in the middle ofthe light blue background. The image is also proportional. The bodyparts are of the correct size. The legs, hands, and head arepositioned correctly. The emphasis in the image is represented by thecentral positioning of the image. Emphasis is also achieved by usingbold and dark colors to paint the image of the Native American man(Charlotte, 2016).

Theartwork is visually stimulating. This is because it shows the imageof a person in traditional wear. The person is Native Americanbecause the artwork is located in the Native American section of thePhoenix Art Museum. The man is holding a spear. The artwork,therefore, indicates a warrior in full war regalia. The workgenerates an emotional response. I love Native American culture. Theartwork enhanced my knowledge about the mode of dressing of theNative Americans. I even understood that Native American warriorsused spears for defense and attack purposes. The artwork shows aperson in full traditional regalia holding a spear. I liked theartwork because it visually explains the Native American cultureusing traditional wear.


Theartist, Fritz Scholder, was a Native American who was interested inthe art career. He lived between 1937 and 2005. Most artworksdeveloped by Scholder aimed at informing the American society and theglobal community about the Native American culture. During the 1960s,he taught artwork at the Institute of American Indian Arts. He usedhis position as an art instructor to mentor and coach the modernNative American leaners especially in the area of creative andcultural art. Scholder developed sufficient interest in the artcareer at a very early age. In 1955 he was chosen as the president ofthe Mid-West Art and Music Camp. After completing studies at theSacramento State University, Scholder took part in the 1961Rockefeller Indian Art Project. In 1967 he introduced the NativeAmerican art series that showed the way of life of the NativeAmericans. He painted Indians with attractive wears for example,Native Americans wearing traditional regalia or American flagcostumes. The Tucson Museum of Art showed a collection of Scholder’sartworks in 1981 (Denzin, 2015). Three other artworks developed byScholder are Portraitof a Cowboy, Sitting Indian,and PosingIndian with Bird Headdress(Phoenix Art Museum, 2016).

Portrait of a Cowboy

Sitting Indian

Posing Indian with Bird Headdress

Theartwork illustrates the Native American way of life. The artist isNative American, and it was his desire to motivate the upcomingNative American students with his artwork. His intention was also toenhance the understanding of the Indian culture in the wider Americansociety. The level of knowledge and practice of Indian culture isdeclining in the United States. Increased globalization has enhancedthe diversity of the American society. Therefore, the Indian cultureis being diluted by European, Asia, and African thoughts andexperiences. Many young Native Americans have little knowledge ofIndian culture because they are highly influenced by the popularculture for example, Hip Hop music and Hollywood. Scholder’s workenables Americans to appreciate the traditional way of the natives.


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