“BodyFat Link to Bacteria in the Faeces”



Accordingto the BBC News (2016) on health today, researchers from King’sCollege London say that the levels of unhealthy fats in our bodiesare influenced by the bacteria found in the human feces. A study thatwas carried out on the stool sample of over 3,600 twins shows that acertain amount of bacteria are hereditary (BBC News, 2016). Thecontent found in the stool partially explains the reason of obesityinheritance in families. Dr. Michelle Beaumont, one of theresearchers from the College, said that it was not yet possible forthem to explain why the relationship existed (BBC News, 2016). Moreinvestigations show that the absence of a variety of bacteria foundin feces could give rise to the dominations of the high level ofmicrobes in the gut, which is essential for the conversion ofcarbohydrates to fat (BBC News, 2016). Additionally, Dr. Beaumontsaid: &quotas this was an observational study we cannot sayprecisely how communities of bacteria in the gut might influence thestorage of fat in the body, or whether a different mechanism isinvolved in weight gain,” (BBC News, 2016). She also added thatconsumption of an extensive diet and various types of food couldincrease the diversity of microbes in feces (BBC News, 2016).

Thoughtsand Perceptions

Inthe past, I thought obesity was fully due to poor eating habits. Thatchanged when I started to be acquainted with health issues, and thenI realized that there are people who are susceptible to it due totheir genetic code. When I came across this article as it has not yetbeen reviewed, I thought, what a breakthrough it will be on how weperceive obesity. Many people out there because of politics believethat obesity issue is as a result of individual lifestyle choices andlittle has been said about the gene issue. As a result, some of thesepeople suffer stigmatization and self-esteem issues, which becomes animpediment to the recovery process. But with this information, whichhas no comment section for the public, I believe that people willlook at the issue with an open mind than they did before.


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