Application Essay


After two years of studying Marketing at Tulsa community college, Ihave opted to transfer to return to the University of Colorado atBoulder. I am well versed in various languages which include Chinese,Korean, and English. My shift from the institution is based on thefact that CU-Boulder fits my academic aspirations. Diverse andinclusive environments are paramount for every student, as well asfor the school’s staff.

My love for business administration courses started in high schooland this can be attributed to the environment in which I was raised.My father was a manager in a timber company in my neighborhood, and Ialways admired the way he worked. For instance, he would wake up veryearly in the morning to respond to emails from his clients.Coincidentally, I was in a class where we had a young andenthusiastic business studies teacher. He could go an extra mile oftaking us on visits to various companies. Here, they demonstrated tous how they used to keep records of every transaction made.

The University of Colorado has stressed the importance of such anenvironment because it complies with is diversity and equalitypolicy. These create a harmonious place for work for the bothteaching, non-teaching staff, and the learners. It is essential tofoster respectful and open settings to create critical and vibrantdiscussions. Students can share their ideas without fear of criticismon condition that the impact of teaching inclusively id put toconsideration.

My professional goal is to study MBA upon completion of myundergraduate degree, and the university seems to be the best fit formy academic aspirations. In particular, the reason behind my need totransfer to this institution is that I want to be a Marketing Managerat Walt Disney Company. I am also looking forward to interactingwith Professors from the place who are well versed with BusinessAdministration courses on an international platform. Over time, Ihave been corresponding with a few current students pursuing the samecourse. From them, I have learned about the diverse and inclusiveenvironment fostered here. For this reason, I am ready to interactwith students, teachers, and industry professionals who are talented.

In selecting the University of Colorado at Boulder, I called intoaccount some factors. For example, it is an essential part of thisinstitution to foster friendly environments for student’sactivities. All faculties are advised to encourage inclusively andlearning atmospheres where everyone will feel that they are valuedand respected. Furthermore, there is plans underway aimedspecifically at developing assessment opportunities. These changesare drawn up in such a way that they are supposed to meet thelearners’ diverse needs via assessment options that can beimproved.

The university also has a flexible program for MBA students. Thewebsite has indicated that it I believe that the University ofColorado provides the most productive environment for my academicendeavors. The institution offers diverse and inclusive environmentsare paramount for students and staff. The environment fostersrespectful and open settings to create critical and vibrantdiscussions. The flexible programs and an accommodating culture fitmy academic aspirations. I am mentally prepared to learn andcontribute to the academically challenging setting at the Universityof Colorado at Boulder.