Analysis of Orange Is the New Black

Analysisof OrangeIs the New Black

Analysisof OrangeIs the New Black

Themovie&nbspisone of the American comedy dramas that aim at revealing the lives ofthe prisoners who are convicted of various crimes. In particular, itshows that although the prisons should act as correctionalfacilities, this is not the case. On the contrary, the prison wallsare filled with instances of corruption, sexuality issues, thebrutality of the guards and drugsmuggling, to mention just a few (Kerman, 2013). Kerman illustratesthis by the manner in which she exposes these concepts while sheincludes the flashbacks of what led most of the prisoners to theprisons. From the notes, the concepts that are emphasized mostly inthe movies and films reveal the ideas in the minds of the writers andthe producers.

Themanner with which Kerman displays dissatisfaction and the distress inthe lives of the prisoners shows that she may not only have wanted toinform others about what takes place, but also wants some affirmativeaction to be taken to bring about the desired changes for theprisoners. In essence, she wanted her readers to relate to whathappens behind the prison walls and advocate for the humanity of theprisoners. It highlights crucial aspects that are at stake consistentwith the provision of correctional services in the country.

Whilewriting this piece, Kerman envisioned the prison authorities andother related government officials as her audience. Thus, afterreading the excerpt, they would discover the ills that take place andattempt to correct them. They should be shocked by the wholerevelation and act by stopping the wrong deeds this is mainlybecause the subversive activities have been shown to impactnegatively on the prisoners (Kerman, 2013). However, it is likelythat these authorities may be dismissed from work due to negligence.Kerman responds directly to the piece by highlighting some of thechanges that would be executed appropriately executed.


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