Almar Paint Co. Case Study 2

AlmarPaint Co. Case Study 2

AlmarPaint Co. Case Study 2

Methodologyfor data collection

Datashall be collected through presenting some sampled employees in thetwo plants with questionnaires that they may need to fill so as toprovide information that would be necessary to compare between thetwo plants so as to come up with conclusions that would be effectiveand showing the decisions and actions that may need to be taken so asto help improve the performance of these plants.

Performancegaps using Lean Six Sigma tools

Theperformance gaps of the two plants as shown by the Lean Six Sigmatools lie in the East Coast plant taking actions that will ensure astable production process. It also relies on the ability to improveits scale of production (Walshe, Harvey, Jas, 2010). The plant alsohas a high level of employee cooperation as well as ensuring thatthey are highly focused. The management is highly supportive of theemployees and relies on verifiable data to take actions.

Causesof existing gaps

Thecauses of the performance gap could be brought upon by the reducedrate of motivation among the employees in the West Coast plant asopposed to the high level of motivation that is found among theemployees in the East Coast plant that makes them achieve high levelsof performance. The level of leadership of the East Coast plant couldalso be highly motivating, than the one at the west-coast plant.

Recommendationsto close the gap

Thecompany management could engage the management of the West Coastplant in a bid to enable them to brainstorm on actions that wouldhelp to improve their scale of operations.


Firmsare able to ensure that lean production is achieved through ensuringthat there is a continuous gathering of information (AlmarPaint Company, 2016).&nbspThe conclusions were based on the actions taken by the East Coastplant and the success that it has had so far. The West coast plantneeds to engage much with the management of the East Coast Plant soas to ensure that it learns from it on ways through which leanproduction could be enhanced to reduce losses (AlmarPaint Company, 2016).


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