3 October 2016

Experiential Profile

What level of education do you expect to achieve during yourlifetime?

I would want to achieve a college master’sdegree because it will give me a chance to concentrate on a specificfield that I love doing. Based on my interest in business programs, Iwould love to have a master’s degree in finance.

A number of college students leave university before finishing aprogram. If this should happen to you, what will most likely be thecause?

I am absolutely certain that I will finish myuniversity education. However, certain life processes may change thescope of my studies especially if I start a business when still inschool and it performs well. This can force me to hold the programfor some time in order to concentrate more on running the business.Starting a family and concentrating in early marital issues can alsomislead my focus on completing a program thus postponing studies fora while.

Please list three goals that you have for yourself right now.

1. First, I want to complete studying for my CSE 101 class and getexcellent results. This will be possible through hard work anddedication. Attending and participating in all class activities aswell as completing assignments on time will be my utmost focus.

2. Secondly, I want to pursue finance majorafter my preliminary programs. Majoring in finance will equip me withnecessary knowledge and business acumen which will be of greatimportance to my career prospects later in life. I will also have awide range of opportunities to choose from in business since thereare many avenues for employment and investment.

3. Lastly, I want to focus on my GPA to earn meenough credits for joining a broad business college to pursue myfinance major. I know the only way to get accepted is to work hardand get good grades. To achieve this I will need to avoid bad companyand negative peer influence and focus on my academics.

Please list three things that you are proudof having done.

1. I started an online business which providedpeople especially girls with all sorts of cosmetics, Japanese circlelenses, Korean clothes and accessories. I managed and advertised thebusiness myself through social media sites and direct internetmarketing practices. I was able to drive traffic to my site and gotmany orders that enabled me to earn significant profits. I providedfree deliveries locally but overseas shipments were handled by myother business partners. I also gained a lot of experience oncustomer service, sales and marketing, financial management andcommunication skills.

2. I was a member of Cosplay club, an organization aimed at teachingyoung people about organizational behavior and control. My membershipran from September 2010 to December 2014. At Cosplay, I had a chanceto organize groups, create budgets for entry into competitions andparticipate in the planned activities. My organizing skills weresharpened and I am able to manage people very well, a keycharacteristic of a successful leader.

3. I held a course counselor position whileworking at Manny Wu in China from July 2016 to August 2016. My keyresponsibilities were organizing and facilitating counseling sessionsand advising young people especially who were traumatized due tofamily based violence and drug and substance abuse. I connected withpeople through receptive listening, compassion and empathy.

Please write a brief summary of yourexperiences and how they relate to or have prepared you for the majoryou are applying to.

Based on my career prospects in the future Iwant to pursue a major in finance and accounting. This is my choicebecause of the love I have for business and related activities. Onthe long term, I would love to start and operate a conglomerate ofcompanies which will be pure family businesses. Overtime, I havegained insight and experience through interactions with people,employers and investment companies which have greatly prepared me forthe major I want to pursue.

As a proprietor of the online shop, I was ableto build on my management skills, sales and marketing skills,financial management and communication skills. The opportunity ofbeing a business developer instilled the sense of entrepreneurship,risk taking and self-independence which is necessary in the businessworld. Through creation of ties with customers, I was able to sharpenmy marketing skills and customer relations. In addition, I keptfinancial records for the business despite being a small venture. Asa result, I am able to appreciate the role of financial managementand accounting in firm. My major will boost my other inherentweaknesses as well as increasing my knowledge base on banking, creditand investments.

I have taken an initiative in saving in a fixed investment fund. Thisis after my friend who worked at a large financial corporation inChina encouraged me to take the risk. I have already applied for theinvestment opportunity and I believe I will earn tangible returnsfrom the stocks. I will be depositing a small amount of money everymonth from my pocket money which will earn dividends and interestsafter specified periods of operation. I will also gain insight on howsuch fixed funds operate and ultimately make me a better investor.

My experience as a counselor at Manny Wu inChina has also prepared me for my major. As the organizer ofcounseling sessions, I was able to improve on my organizational andcommunication skills. My time at Cosplay club has also inculcatedthese skills in me as well as helping me to budget well. All theseattributes are necessary in making a good finance and investmentofficer.

In conclusion, I think it is amazing to havefinance related knowledge because of the many opportunities thathover around in both private and public enterprises. If I have achance to major in finance, I will be glad and study really hard toachieve the best. Finance is an awesome thing in our lives.